Is it just me or did everyone have that special Grandad or Uncle (or both) who produced pennies from behind your ears and baffled you with their own little magic shows? I was astounded as a youngster wondering how on earth they did it but, of course, I’m wise to their tricks nowadays!

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Card Magic Trick

However, there’s still some stunts that I can’t fathom and that deny all logic and reasoning as enacted by popular illusionists and magicians across London and beyond. How did Dynamo levitate next to that London bus? What does Derren Brown do to alter the mental perceptions of his viewers? Here’s my favourite tricks and illusions…

David Blaine — Frozen In Time

He spent over 63 hours encapsulated in an ice block and managed to survive. Somebody tell me — just how is that possible? My best guess is that he managed to train his body to cope under the conditions and carefully regulated his own heart rate but still, that’s seriously risky business!

Penn & Teller — Bullet Catching Trick

These guys fired bullets at each other which broke through glass screens on the way (to prove they were actually being fired) and caught them in their teeth! I don’t have any predictions as to how this might’ve been achieved but it’s super impressive isn’t it?

Paul Daniels — Chop Cup

It’s so simple (I’m sure my Grandad copied this actually!) but yet still I have no idea how the ball kept on appearing underneath the cup time and time again.

Dynamo – Bottle Phone Trick

He can’t pre-prepare the bottle or the phone because he asks random spectators for them so just how does he get their phone in there? Are they planted? Does the bottle get swapped somehow? Argh this is one I’d really like to know the answer to! I love how he just casually walks away at the end, boom!

What’s your favourite magic trick? Can you perform any stunts yourself?


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