Every day Lily brushes her teeth (obviously!) — or should I say, we brush Lily’s teeth before we let her loose on them herself — and afterwards she’ll say ‘I’m going to the Dentist tomorrow‘ and I’ll reply ‘Not tomorrow baby girl, but soon” before forgetting to book her an appointment for the millionth time.

Well, on Friday, she actually went — at long last! I am super paranoid about her teeth. My teeth have always been naturally white but I went for a check-up in 2011 after being run over and was told that I needed 2 ‘pin-prick’ fillings as the plastic coating I always have applied had worn away. They were £60 each and, at the time being unwell and not working, I couldn’t afford to pay for them. Fast forward 6 years and they still haven’t been sorted (naughty, naughty) and those teeth I was so proud of? Yeah, not so much.

I was so worried that I’d missed a spot whilst brushing or those odd times we’d forgotten (yes, bad parents!) had caused some sort of damage to her teeth so you can imagine the relief I felt when she said “They’re absolutely perfect. Lovely, white and shiny with not a cavity or any plaque in sight. Come back in 6 months.” Thank goodness! So off we trotted, a huge sticker plastered to her cardigan and a huge smile plastered on my face knowing that I’d actually succeeded at something for once!

Oh, and I SO wanted to cry. I don’t know why but it’s just another first for her, she’s growing up so fast and it’s totally bittersweet. I managed to keep it together luckily!

Lily was really good in the Dentist’s room. She didn’t seem worried at all and loved getting up on the chair and the lady counting her teeth. “How many times a day do we brush?” “Two!” It was super quick and wasn’t too invasive for Lily — just a bright light, a wide mouth (ahhhhhh) and a quick peek to check everything was OK.

Here she is, proud as punch, with her sticker and her shiny teeth…

Lily's First Dentist Visit - 6th October 2017

Has your baby/toddler been on their first trip to the Dentist’s yet? How did they find the experience?

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