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Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Are you bursting inside to let our your inner Elf and spread the Christmas cheer?

Whilst it might only be November, our household is already gearing up for next month’s festivities and I thought I’d share these handprint crafts with you today so you can plan them in with your sprogs before the Christmas tree goes up!

Children's Handprints Christmas Crafts

Making The Handprints

You will need: washable kid’s paint (we used green with a smidgen of metallic silver to make it glisten), sheets of white paper (A4 printer paper is OK), a paint brush, a Blu Tack Glitter Pens, a pair of scissors and a willing child.

(1) Get your paper spread out across your kitchen table/workspace and ready to go as if your little one is anything like Lily, they won’t want to stop plonking their hands down once they get started!

(2) Ask your kiddo to open their hand(s) in front of you and paint their palms with the paint mixture. Make you sure you have a good layer of paint on so they can go a few times without you having to put more on.

(3) Place their hands on to the paper to make prints or watch them madly pummel the table whilst stomping their hands down as you try and encourage them to leave gaps in-between.

(4) When you’ve finished (we did about 20) leave your prints to air off.

(5) When the paint is dry, go round the handprints with glitter pens in various colours as desired and leave them to air off again.

(6) When the glitter glue is dry, cut around the handprints ready for arranging and sticking on to your creations.

Christmas Tree Arrangement

You will need: around 10 of your finished handprints, a cereal box or large piece of card, Bostik White Glu, a pair of scissors and a small brown sheet of felt.

Handprints Christmas Tree

(1) Break your cereal box down in to a long sheet of card and cut off the flappy bits at the sides.

(2) Cut your felt in to the shape of a tree trunk and glue in to the bottom of the sheet of card you made from the cereal box (the side that hasn’t been printed on).

(3) Glue your handprints on slightly overlapping each other with 4 on the bottom layer, 3 on top of that and then 2 on the row above and 1 at the very top (like a triangle).

(4) When the glue’s dried, cut around everything so you’ve just got the tree left and no unsightly cardboard around the edges.

(5) Grab some Blu Tack and stick it up somewhere for everybody to admire!

Hanging Christmas Wreath

You will need: around 8 of your finished handprints, Blu Tack Glu Dots, a paper plate, a pair of scissors, some string or a ribbon, 2 artificial leaves, some green tissue paper and a sheet of glittery red foam.

Christmas Handprints Wreath

(1) You can either cut out the middle of your paper plate before starting (what I wish I did) or struggle to do it when you’ve finished everything else (what I actually did). You want to be left with just the rim to stick everything on to.

(2) When you’ve done that, poke 2 holes through the top (closely spaced together) to thread your ribbon or string through to hang up the wreath. We used some red sequin string to make it extra glitzy and glam.

(3) Cut three small circles from the sheet of foam to make the berries for your holly and make some green leaves from the tissue paper.

(4) Using the Glu Dots, stick your handprints around the wreath and then add the green leaves in any gaps.

(5) Secure the artificial holly leaves and the berries you’ve just made to the top and that’s it, now you just need to find a door to hang it on!

So there you have it, that’s just two ways that you can use your children’s handprints to make some cute festive decorations this year and it’s really simple to do.

What I love about these is that you can write the date that you made them on the back and you’ve got a lovely keepsake as well. I’m sure I’ll rehang these every year as one of those core decorations that you always put up regardless of what colour scheme or theme you’ve gone for that particular year.

Will you be trying this with your little one this year?

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