I’ve had a post in my drafts for some time now simply entitled ‘My Happiness List’ and it’s grown every now and then as I’ve added on things as I’ve thought of them. International Happiness Day was 20th March and I expect an organised so-and-so might’ve thought it a good idea to publish this then but, you know, I didn’t have the foggiest — #shitblogger.

Luckily, I was tagged by Kate from LesBeMums to write about the little things that make me happy last week so this post has been pushed through to see the light of day (and if she hadn’t, I probably would’ve accidentally binned it because I do that sometimes, further evidence for the hashtag above isn’t it?)


So, without further ado…

  1. Having a baking session and it turning out just right so I can stand back and be bashfully proud of what I’ve made from scratch.
  2. Watching Lily when she sleeps. Especially when she’s cocooned in Mike’s arms and they’re both softly snoring away. My lovelies, I never want to forget these wonderful moments.
  3. The feeling of losing weight when you start to fit in to old clothes and feel them hang off you.
  4. Having a really hot bath.
  5. A clean, tidy house with fresh flowers in. I feel like I can relax then and enjoy pottering around with Lily just doing what she wants without any other agenda to stick to.
  6. The rising excitement when a band comes on at a gig and I try not to cry/throw up because I’m super emotional.
  7. Shopping for nice, shiny new things. Especially things for Lily, home stuff, stationery and beauty products.
  8. A hot drink and a cake from an actual coffee shop where I can sit down and somebody else can make it all.
  9. TV boxsets.
  10. Booking exciting things in advance so we always have something to look forward to.
  11. Festivals. They are one of my happy places where I get to embrace another side of myself for a few days! There’s nothing better than coming home to my baby girl afterwards though.
  12. Long journeys either in the dark with thunderstorms or in the day with sunny weather, the windows down and music playing.
  13. Reading to Lily before she goes to bed. I love her having lots of books and our story time together.
  14. Being hooked on a good book of my own.
  15. Laying on the sofa with Mike. I relax SO much that I often have to struggle to keep my eyes open.
  16. Taking photos and editing them later on.
  17. Visiting seaside towns, eating fish and chips and ice-cream, walking along the beach, winning useless odds and sods on the two penny machines, looking in all of the little shops, making loose plans to move to the seaside one day.
  18. Camden. It holds so many lovely memories for us as a couple and I’ll never forget taking Lily for the first time when she was about 7 or 8 months old.
  19. Doing ‘mummy’ tasks like changing the beds, folding laundry, washing up, tidying bedrooms. I’m not for one second saying that they’re female-only chores, simply that they’re things I watched my Mum do when I was little and helped her with and things I always imagined doing as a mother myself.
  20. Having Lily cuddled up in my arms and watching CBeebies at the end of a busy afternoon.
  21. Going to Clouds in Walkden or other similar hippy/alternative/witchy/gothic shops.
  22. Cleaning my make-up brushes. I don’t know why? I just like them being fresh and ‘new’ again.
  23. Going to the Cinema and seeing a film that I’ve been desperate to see for ages!
  24. The feeling of the warm sun on back/neck or somewhere that doesn’t usually get exposed.
  25. Finding something awesome and expensive for a rock bottom price whilst going charity shop bashing.
  26. Handwritten letters or cards.
  27. Remembering to plait my hair in the evenings and waking up with waves.
  28. Going to the zoo, farm or anywhere with animals.
  29. Getting drunk with Mike, watching Black Books or Red Dwarf and laughing at Mike’s terrible jokes.
  30. Having big days out with Lily and exploring new places with her.


The big things are all well and good but sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference isn’t it?

What’s on your happiness list?


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  1. May 19, 2017 / 1:00 PM

    I love your happiness list, I can resonate with many of them. I must confess that #22 should certainly be done more (!) I would add 3 more of my own – getting into a freshly made bed, brand new pyjamas and someone else blow drying my hair 🙂