How To Make Your Own Baby Wipes

To cut down on your expenses, why not try making your own baby wipes?

It’s quick and easy to do and for example, this week, I’ve managed to make 280 baby wipes for around about £2.00.

The kitchen roll I’ve used is 2 rolls of 70 sheets, when divided in two this makes a total of 280 wipes. motherhood… The sheets are quite big so actually, you’ll probably get double that from the rolls as I use the side of the box to cut off exactly how much I need. No more wasting a wipe just to clean up that last little bit of mess. The wipes seem to glide beautifully over baby’s skin, aren’t as dry as some shop-bought baby wipes and do a really good job at sorting big blow-outs!

How To Make Your Own Baby Wipes


  • 1 x kitchen roll (must be strong, I used Regina Blitz (2 pack) – usually £3 – £4 but currently £1.70 a pack at Wilkinsons)
  • 1 x container (as you can see, I used my Johnsons baby box which I received as a gift when I had Lily)
  • A kitchen knife (a bread knife is probably the best type Science to use)
  • A jug
  • Water
  • 1 x bottle of baby wash (I used Johnson’s bedtime bath as the lavender has a lovely smell and is soothing to baby)
  • 1 cheap jerseys x bottle of baby oil (Again, I used Johnson’s)
  • 1 逆援助サイト x big spoon (dessert spoon size)


1. Using the Yahoo knife, cut the kitchen roll in half so that you have 2 separate smaller rolls. This is quite In messy so I would recommend doing this on wholesale NFL jerseys your kitchen worktop so that you can scoop up any paper that comes away. When you cheap NBA jerseys have done this, put both of the rolls in to your container (or you can use two smaller containers, one for each roll of wipes).

2. Fill your jug ¾ way to the top 5 with water (you may wish to filter this if you live in a hard-water area) and then add 2 spoons of baby wash and 1 spoon of baby wholesale nfl jerseys oil.

3. Stir the mixture and pour over both of the rolls evenly.

4. Put the lid on your container and wait a few minutes for the solution to soak through the rolls completely.

5. That’s all there is to it, your home-made baby wipes are ready to use!  🙂

Have you tried making your own baby wipes before?



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  1. September 20, 2015 / 4:31 PM

    Fab idea I’ll definitely try this. We’ve just bought a massive multi box from asda so I’ll have to wait for us to get through them a bit first #thelist