How To Stop Constantly Snacking When You Work From Home

Since writing this, I’ve *finally* been given a proper diagnosis for my hypothyroidism and I’ve had to cut as much sugar from my diet as I can due to insulin resistance caused by my polycystic ovaries and the gestational diabetes I had when I was pregnant with Lily. As such, I’m really watching every little thing I eat and I’ve found I haven’t been snacking too much anymore for that reason.

However, before becoming unwell, I used to find myself sneaking to the fridge or the cupboards far too often during my ‘work hours’ and after speaking to some other freelance friends, it turns out it’s much more common than I thought. So, if you’re starting to think there’s a magnetic pull between your desk and the kitchen and you want to make some changes, here’s some handy tips on how to stop constantly snacking when you work from home…

Snacking Procrastinating Working From Home

— Prepare what you’re going to eat during the day in advance so it’s ready and waiting for you in the fridge. When I’m busy, I often snack because I don’t want to waste time cooking a meal so, if you’re like me, this will allow you to pick the healthier option without having to take a break to whip something up when really, you could be powering on with your work.

— Schedule in breaks and times when you’ll eat your meal/snacks and STICK TO THEM! In turn, this should help you to better plan your day overall.

— Try having a drink before you reach for something to eat as you might be confusing hunger with thirst which is super easy to do. I make myself a big bottle of water or squash before I start working so that it’s there and ready for me to sip from throughout the day.

— Are you snacking to subconsciously try and avoid your work or because you’re not feeling inspired? Try switching to another project for a brief chunk of time before giving it another go.

— Don’t work at your kitchen table where the food is RIGHT THERE LOOKING AT YOU. The temptation will be too much. Find somewhere else to cosy up and get ticking jobs off your to-do list now.

Working From Home Freelancing Coffee Cake

— If you can’t stop yourself snacking, make a healthy ‘snack stash’ that you can dig into when needed. It’s a good idea to stock up on filling snacks like bananas, plain popcorn, nuts/seeds etc.

— If you’ve fallen into the cycling of rewarding yourself with a sweet treat when you finish a project or get something in before the deadline (what is this madness?), try rewarding yourself in an alternative way instead such as giving yourself a long break to watch an episode of your current binge-worthy obsession on Netflix or buying yourself something small like some new make-up or stationery.

— Don’t start your work day off on an empty stomach because the cravings will come thick and fast and ultimately, distract you from the task at hand. Make sure you have a filling breakfast beforehand.

— Every time you want a snack, try making a cup of tea instead. You may be associating snacks with breaks from your work (no matter how short that walk to the naughty draw may be!) so consider taking a break for another reason such as making a warm drink, doing some stretches or even quick 5-minute bursts of housework to keep that side of things topped up as well.

Tell me, are you a serial snacker? How do you curb those cravings during a day working from home?


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