Ideas and Tips for a Relaxing Babymoon in Italy

This post is written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Babymoons: increasingly popular and rightfully so! Any holiday is a cherished one. But the occasion to soak up some relaxing time before bringing another human into the world is quite up there on ‘excuses’ for a holiday (in case we needed one). On a babymoon, soon-to-be parents get to relax, connect and cherish the one-on-one time with each another before they welcome their little one.


If you read my ‘Best Babymoon Destinations’ post, you’ll know I consider Italy a wonderful destination for a babymoon! Italy offers beautiful landscapes, wonderful cuisine, friendly people and an all-around relaxed and ‘enjoy this life’ atmosphere.

Love the idea of a babymoon in Italy, but trying to figure out the best places to visit whilst pregnant? Here are 5 ideas for places that would make for an amazing babymoon in Italy:


Sicily is a laid-back island with beauty that speaks for itself. You can relax at the beach, of course, but you can also visit historical sites, day trip to the Aeolian Islands and visit the geothermal baths, train halfway up Mount Etna to get panoramic views, and visit quaint and relaxing fishing villages. Tip: Before you go, consider how you have been feeling and choose one of the Sicily holiday rentals available on the island according to what you want to do while there. Sicily is rather large, so it is worth planning out beforehand!


Sardinia has a luxurious feel to it, with its white sandy beaches and private beach sections. If you want a holiday where you can relax on the beach, soak up the sun and walk into the shallow emerald waters, this island is hard to beat. You can also boat over to visit the Neptune Caves and explore the village of Castelsardo, which is among “The most beautiful villages in Italy”.

Keep in mind that summer is especially hot in Sardinia, so it’s best to babymoon here during another time of year.



Umbria is a very underrated part of Italy that gets overshadowed by Tuscany, its neighboring region. Umbria is a small region in central Italy with no big cities and all the allure of small town, authentic life in Italy. It is easy to navigate, has rolling valleys, local foods including truffles and prosciutto, and is tucked away into nature to the point where you can’t help but relax instantly. If you do want some adventure, you can go hiking, biking, and all sorts of exploring. You can also visit (and happily eat your way through) the characteristic towns, such as the cliff top town, Orvieto, and Assisi, home to the famous and gorgeous Basilica of Saint Francis.


Capri is one Italy’s well-known islands with its extensive views and Faraglioni rocks. You can take a (10 euro) chair lift up to Monte Solaro for the best views, wander through the beautiful gardens at Villa San Michele (for 7 euros), and take in all the island has to offer by wandering along the streets and stopping as you go to sit, relax, and enjoy the view.

Cinque Terre

Along the Ligurian Coast you’ll find the Cinque Terre, made up of five villages: Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore and Vernazza. It is known to be one of the most breathtaking destinations as the colourful villages are right on the sea, yet backed up to the green hills as they run along the cliffs.

When deciding on which village to stay at, you can choose your accommodation according to the view and most importantly accessibility. There are quite a lot of stairs at Cinque Terre so plan accordingly! Once there, you can eat out at the wonderful restaurants, make your way down to the sea for a dip as you please, and even take the boat service that links the villages to take in the views from the water (if you don’t have motion sickness, that is!).

Every pregnancy experience is so unique, so it is vital to keep in mind what you want out of your babymoon and how you feel. It is generally recommended to go during your second trimester when (hopefully) your first semester morning sickness has passed and you have more energy. Keep travel time down as much as possible, stay hydrated, and pack efficiently so you only carry as little as possible!

Wherever you choose for your babymoon, it will be a trip you remember forever.


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