Favourite Instagram Feeds March 2017

Instagram is by far my favourite social network. I am a very visual person. Quite like a magpie, I’ve always been attracted to pretty things. I am a sucker for cute, eye-candy-worthy packaging and easily pulled in by stuff that ‘looks nice’ so, unsurprisingly, a feed full of gorgeous, inspirational images is enough to make my heart sing a little and brighten my day.

There’s a lovely sense of community over on Instagram, especially amongst us mothers and parent bloggers.

So, I’m sharing the love and showcasing my favourite feeds this month. Are you following these beauties yet?

@makedoandpush — Hannah Harding

I’ve been Hannah’s biggest fan for a while now. Her posts are consistent, bright and beautiful in every way. She also focuses on children’s style posts quite a lot so if you’re looking to jazz up your little’s wardrobe just scroll through her feed to discover some wonderful brands and boutiques you might not have come across before. Honestly, check your bank account before you sit down for a peek because you’re definitely going to want to buy some of the gorgeous clothes Busby and H-Bear show off! To me, Hannah’s account is also very ‘village life’ which I find inspiring and perhaps comforting in a way? She also appreciates how tough motherhood can be and how cake/prosecco can make it all better after a hard day!

@meetthewildes + @unravelthewildes — Amber Allen & Kirsty Jones

Amber. Oh Amber, how I adore your feed and now I have Kirsty to follow as well I just can’t get enough. These wonderful ladies have two sets of twins (yes, two!) and they are some of the most beautiful babies/toddlers you will ever set eyes on. Their modern love story is easy to get caught up in and the photographs are nothing short of stunning. I don’t know Amber’s shooting/editing secrets but she has something special. Darker shots with pinches of colour and highlights where needed to catch your attention and focus the eyes. They’re so candid and you feel as though you’re peeking though at little glimpes of their family life. It’s all just so beautiful.

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@charltaylor — Charlotte Elizabeth Taylor

I’ve never met Charlotte but I would love to if I ever get the chance. I think she’s a bloody wonderful mother from what I’ve seen and she has such a good heart. I’m a fairly new follower with her popping up in my feeds around about the time Daisy was born but I quickly became hooked and have been following her family’s journey ever since! Florals, flat lays, pictures of Daisy and Bill, gorgeous-looking food shots and inspirational photos of the bright, beautiful mama herself are just some of the beauty of her feed.

@thisenchantedpixie — Polly Jemima

I stumbled across a couple of blogs when I first took the plunge back when Lily was approaching 10 weeks old. They were Chic Geek Diary (Jenna), You Baby Me Mummy (Aby) and Enchanted Pixie (Polly). Polly was the first blogger that I followed on Instagram and I fan-girled like crazy when she followed me back!

What I love about Polly’s feed is that it encourages me to follow a simpler life with a focus on wellbeing and what really matters. She loves nature as much as I do and she sparked those first thoughts in my head about whether we’d like to homeschool Lily when the times comes (we’re still a little undecided but it’s probably a yes!)

She’s a strong, gorgeous woman raising 4 beautiful children and I really enjoy popping by her feed and seeing what they’re all getting up to. There’s also @enchanted_homeschooling to follow if you fancy keeping an eye on their homeschooling adventures too.

@squishedblueberries — Louise Alsford

Another homeschooling mama, I’m a big fan of Louise’s blog and feed. Her photos are flawless, her babies are beautiful and she rocks a full fringe like nobody’s business! She’s also a dream to talk to (when I get the chance!) and I love reading about her life with the kiddos and hubby every day through her micro-blogging over on Instagram. The girls have fabulous hair as well, seriously #hairgoals all round really isn’t it? Honestly though, her feed has so many fantastic outdoor photos that move with the seasons it’s one of my favourites to scroll through.

A post shared by Louise (@squishedblueberries) on

A post shared by Louise (@squishedblueberries) on

Do you use Instagram? Who are your favourite Instagrammers this month?


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  1. March 14, 2017 / 8:37 PM

    Great choices, I love Instagram but I’m slack with it to say the least! Xx

  2. March 14, 2017 / 9:11 PM

    Oh Lucy you are SO LOVELY! You have literally made my week. I know it’s only Tuesday but I’m calling it, best thing of the week right there. I adore all of the feeds you’ve chosen, you are obviously a woman of equisite taste 😉 xx