Junior Farmers at Kenyon Hall Farm // Christmas 2018

As a future home-educating family, we were pleasantly impressed with our very first Junior Farmers session over at Kenyon Hall Farm and we’re looking forward to booking Lily onto any additional dates that might come up in the new year.

Kenyon Hall Farm Flowerpot Man

Situated in one of the polytunnels, the Junior Farmers session had a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and flowed really well with natural opportunities for learning included.

The session leader encouraged the children to answer simple questions as a group and this particular class was specifically tailored for preschoolers between 3 and 5 years old.

By the time we’d finished, Lily had learnt the difference between evergreen and¬†deciduous trees and where daffodils come from.

Christmas Trees at Kenyon Hall Farm

She’d also had the chance to make her own Rudolph pine cone tree decoration and planted a daffodil bulb of her own (‘put it to bed’) which we’re now eagerly awaiting the appearance of when Spring rolls around.

Lily with Rudolph Pine Cone Christmas Decoration

Daffodil Bulb at Kenyon Hall Farm

Lily Planting Her Daffodil Bulb

The session cost just £4.50 for around 30-45 minutes and the cost of the materials for the crafts and activities were included.

Afterwards, we visited the tea room (obviously, as we always do!) for warm drinks and tasty treats.

Kenyon Hall Farm Tearooms

Lily hadn’t wanted to go after we’d strapped her into the car as she’d been having a bit of a stroppy morning but I convinced her to go and look at the Christmas trees with no obligation to get involved. When we got there, she soon changed her mind and brightened up immensely, running around the trees before the session began.

It was lovely to see the change in her after a challenging few hours and she’s always in her element when she’s free to roam in natural surroundings. It was definitely the right remedy for an overwhelmed mind.

Does your local farm run similar sessions for children? Have you visited Kenyon Hall Farm before? We’re really looking forward to seeing what else they organise in the coming months!


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