I’ve always been prone to the reddest of cheeks — even when I’m not embarrassed or nervous sometimes! — and particularly sensitive skin that I have to be careful about when choosing new beauty products.

Since taking the plunge and going vegan, on top of already being cruelty-free, it’s clear to see that most vegan products take a more natural approach compared to their mainstream counterparts.

KALME is a vegan brand that’s best known for its claims to calm red skin and rosacea. I was invited to try their popular Chameleon Concealer and Undercoat moisturiser and put them through their paces!

Kalme Undercoat and Chameleon Concealer

KALME Undercoat

The KALME Undercoat moisturiser is perfect for those days when my skin flares up and I need to be careful about what I’m applying. With even the gentlest of creams, I find that I’m often pained and irritated by them when my skin is very sensitive but this doesn’t cause any unpleasant sensations and is fabulous for taking the edge away from my sensitivity, providing a good base to build upon with my usual make-up routine.

It’s also very hydrating in its own right and takes away any dryness or tightness that I may be experiencing with a perfume-free, easy-to-absorb and gentle formula.

KALME Chameleon Concealer

To begin with, the KALME Chameleon Concealer has an SPF 20 rating which is a great addition when you’re dealing with this sensitive skin type as we’re usually more prone to burning in the sun and need extra protection. Personally, I’m very picky in the warmer months when it comes to my skincare and make-up as I need to know that I’m covered so I was definitely encouraged by this as a newcomer to the KALME range.

The concealer is stated as benefitting from ‘tone-matching technology’ and promotes ‘anti-redness’ and has a thick, velvety consistency. It feels soothing to the skin when applied and I didn’t find it irritating at all unlike some of the other products I’ve previously used which can tingle or sting when my skin is particularly delicate.

Whilst I did find that the concealer covered up my redness, I think I’m just a little too pale for this formula which didn’t blend very well with my skin tone. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that I’m used to experiencing when it comes to beauty products and in this instance, the result was too yellow for my skin.

If it hadn’t of been for the shading issues, I would’ve been really pleased with this as it does a great job at covering up blotchy, red skin without causing any problems and would certainly suit anyone with a slightly darker skin tone than my own.

Thank you to KALME for sending over these products and I’d definitely recommend both of them for anybody who suffers from sensitive skin.


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