There’s so many little things that Lily will say or do that I always think “I don’t ever want to forget how cute/perfect/amazing that was!” so I thought I’d start doing a quick round-up every month so we’ve got these memories to look back on.

Here’s some of Lily’s toddler-isms from the past month as she turns 3 years and 2 months old today…

Lily jumping in her yellow dress

(1) When we were driving home from Liverpool and Lily spotted a man driving a big blue lorry behind us. She immediately started shouting ‘MR. WEEDY’ at him trying to get his attention, getting slightly (and comically) frustrated with him (apparently he was following us, makes sense I guess!) before taking her shoes off and shouting “MR. WEEDY, I’M GOING TO THROW MY SHOES AT YOU MR. WEEDY’. Now any blue lorry we see is ‘Mr. Weedy’ (where did she even get that name from?)

(2) The Paw Patrol song she asks me to sing to her every night. It’s essentially the ‘3 little ducks went swimming one day’ melody and words but it’s about the Paw Patrollers and I have to name every Paw Patrol toy she has (I cheekily cram them into just a few verses!). Also, the names she has for some of her Paw Patrollers — “Garden Centre Marshall” because we bought him from Bents, “Charity Shop Rocky” because he was in the charity shop bag for a while before she decided she wanted to keep him. It’s so funny!

Lily in her yellow dress

(3) She’s suddenly decided that she doesn’t like ‘stinky butter’ and she’s TOTALLY serious. It even applies to buttercream, she won’t touch a cake if it’s got buttercream anywhere near it and for breakfast every morning she has toast with “jam but not stinky butter, ok?” Yep, OK.

(4) She picks me up on my hypocrisy. In point of fact (ey, Pablo fans?) the other day we went to buy lunch from the shop and she asked to go in the pram because she was tired (this never happens, I had to dig it out of the cupboard!) Anyway, on the way home I thought I’d crack open a packet of biscuits as a treat and because she was ‘so hungry’. So I gave her one and I took one for myself. Happy days right? Nope. “Are you having one?” “Yes” “We don’t eat whilst we’re stood up and walking though, do we? We only eat when we’re sat down nicely.” “Yes, but Mummy’s pushing you in the pram and she’s hungry too so it’s OK as a one-off isn’t it?” “No Mummy, that’s the rules!” I’m loving how she so selectively decides to remember the rules there…!

Lily dancing in her yellow dress

(5) She calls herself other names and talks about herself in the third person i.e. “Does Tigger like his lunch today?” or she’ll say “Mummy Tigger” and ask me to reply by calling her “Baby Tigger”. If I use the wrong pronoun i.e. ‘her’ for Tigger, she will correct me and say “Tigger is a boy!”. Other common names are Skye (her) and Jasper (him, and also the name of our rabbit). She also makes a rabbit face when being Jasper which is the SWEETEST thing!

(6) How she asks for ponytails in her hair but calls them ‘pearlytails’.

(7) She is obsessed with ‘going to Costa’ and if you ask her where she wants to go in the morning she will quite often reply with Costa or just ‘the café please!’ Yes, she is 3 years old and already part of the ‘ladies who lunch’ crew.

Lily playing in her yellow dress

(8) She adores taking all of her Paw Patrollers into her teepee for a picnic. I cleared it out earlier and it was full of ALL of the playfood, cups and saucers! She has a little wooden goose pram that she uses to transport them from her bed to the teepee and back. Talking of her bed, I don’t know how she fits in with all of the cuddly toys she insists on sleeping with!

(9) I ask her every morning if she’s had any dreams and she replies that she ‘dreamt about [INSERT CURRENT PAW PATROL FAVOURITE HERE] and you and Daddy‘. However, the other day she said – ‘I dreamt about Mr. Clock and he was keeping me up all night going ding, dong, ding and I wasn’t very happy but then he took me out during the daytime and bought me some crackers and that made me happier!‘ It turns out that Mr. Clock is the church with a clockface on in town!

Lily in her yellow dress from NEXT

(10) She asks Alexa to sing her favourite songs but says ‘LEXA’ instead of ‘ALEXA’ and when she doesn’t do what she asks she rolls her eyes and goes ‘urgh, she’s not listening! *sigh*‘.

What is your baby or toddler up to at the moment? Do you have any funny stories of your own to share?


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