I can’t believe how quickly April flew by and how much Lily has changed — again! It seems like every day I can see a difference in her. Her legs grow a little longer, her face looks more like a little girl than my baby girl and she has more wisdom behind those beautiful blue eyes.

I really enjoyed writing last month’s post about Lily’s personal quirks and toddlerisms and so I’m back again with 10 more things that I want to remember about the past few weeks with our munchkin…

Lily blowing dandelion seed fairies

(1) When we left her alone in her room, at her request, to play and when we came back up for bed later on we discovered she’d placed some of her Ben & Holly matching cards in her potty and proceeded to poo and wee on top of them! She even proudly took us over to the potty to show us.

(2) When we went to Pennington Flash for a little picnic and took our dog, Georgie, with us who picked a fight with a big swan. Lily was getting a tad upset because the swan was hissing and the dog was barking back but we told her not to worry because it wouldn’t come out of the water to the bench where we were eating our food so she calmed down. Until…it bloody did. The dog barked, the swan went for the dog and narrowly missed biting her and then that was it, the swan was swiftly out of the water and coming for all of us. So, we did what anyone would, and ran away!

Lily having fun at the allotments

(3) That time when Lily woke up really early and came into our room, quickly got bored of watching Netflix on my phone snuggled up in bed and went over to play by the nursing chair. Next thing we know, she’s shouting “Ostrackt, I win!” over and over again and when we ask what she’s doing, she says she’s playing “Ostrackt”, a new made-up game of hers. To play, you apparently roll a gemstone or button down the back of the chair and when it reaches the bottom, you’re the winner and must exclaim “Ostrackt” to everybody in the room. We were in fits of giggles!

(4) How she takes her top off over her head when she’s getting dressed/undressed but keeps her arms in and runs around the room or dances in front of the mirror pretending to be a bat, octopus or jellyfish.

(5) Her knowledge of flower names is astounding! She’s really gotten to grips with the names of the wildflowers we see on our walks and enjoys spotting them together with the other flowers/plants, creepy crawlies and birds.

Lily with her dandelions for Jasper

(6) Her sassy attitude. Things like — “Right, I’m not going to talk to you anymore!” with the whole turning of the head and arms folded. Where does she get it from?!

(7) In the past year or so, she’s started listening to the CDs at bedtime to help her sleep and the three we have on rotation are Paddington, NOW That’s What I Call Disney and Winnie The Pooh Lullabies. The Winnie The Pooh songs are my favourites as they’re so beautiful and dreamy!

Lily playing at the allotments

(8) How she is OBSESSED with her rabbit, Jasper, and the first thing she asks every morning (after ‘Can we go downstairs for breakfast please?’ — it’s her favourite meal of the day and she often has two in a row) is ‘Can we get Jasper out of his hutch now?’ She loves it when he sits on her knee and she gets so excited when he’s running around. He adores her and she’s so sweet and gentle with him — well, most of the time! I love how she sings about how cute he is and how much she loves him as she strokes him.

(9) Her favourite colour is currently red because Marshall from Paw Patrol (her favourite character and soft toy) is red.

Lily close up with her dandelion

(10) When we went out for a walk with Daddy and found a ‘tired’ buzzy bee on the ground, exhausted from all of the heat (or so we told you!) We took him with us and popped into the shop to buy some drinks on the way home as it was so warm. I dribbled some of your Fruit Shoot on the ground in front of him but he didn’t move an inch, he was already gone. When we had to leave him and go home, you asked if he was ‘waiting there for his family’ which was the sweetest thing and you shouted bye, bye at him as we walked away.

Lily with her dandelion

What has your little one been up to recently? Are you all enjoying the heatwave?


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