Longing For The Seaside…

This is a collaborative post.

We’ve always wanted to live by the sea and we promised ourselves that we would make the move when we started a family of our own. Alas, it’s not something we’ve managed yet and Lily will be 4 years old in just four short months (WHAT? I know, right?) but we’ve been lucky enough to feel the fresh sea air on our faces and leave sandy footprints behind us with our ‘cheap and cheerful’ breaks away to Devon and Scarborough/Filey recently.

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I grew up with a few seaside towns just a couple of miles away on the bus and looking back, I totally took that for granted. I adored it though — the cliffs, the sand, the sea, the rock pools, the pier, the amusements, the lemon tops — and perhaps that’s why I’m so keen to raise our munchkin by the sea as well. Particularly as we’ll be a homeschooling family.

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I want us to take picnics to the beach.

I want us to collect shells and driftwood and other seaside treasures and get creative/crafty with them.

I want to watch as Lily runs free and wild in front of us — chasing and playing games with our dog, Georgie, and giggling to her heart’s content.

I want us to fly kites.

I want us to paddle in the shallow waves and get soggy toes and splash around like sea creatures.

I want us to stroll across the sand hand-in-hand.

I want the seashore to become our classroom and our playground.

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I don’t know how or when we’ll achieve our dream. I’m worried that Lily will be too old by the time we’re in a position to up sticks (but then, are you ever too old for the seaside?)

For now, we’ll keep booking our little trips away to the coast and enjoying every moment we can steal. But deep down, I’m wishing with all of my might that one day the seaside will be a short walk away and not miles upon miles down the motorway!

Do you live in seaside town? What’s your favourite thing about being by the sea?

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Thank you to Pink Clove for sending over this beautiful plus size floral print shift dress for our holidays. They also sent a gorgeous pink cardigan but it was so warm by the sea that I didn’t end up needing it! You can click here to view Pink Clove’s range of plus size knitwear ready for the colder snap that’s on its way.


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