You know what it’s like when you’re a busy mum — your time is no longer your own! Gone are the days of extended ‘getting ready sessions’, regular uninterrupted soaks in the bath and spending ages on a new make-up look that might not suit you knowing you can just wipe it all away and start again because you’ve got the gift of time (and you didn’t even realise it, did you?)

It can be hard to find the time to help yourself look and feel good when you have other more important responsibilities and priorities (like keeping a small human alive and happy) but it’s important for your emotional wellbeing and self-esteem that you do those little things to make you feel better on a day-to-day basis.

So, with all of that in mind, I’ve rounded up some quick and easy tips to help you feel human again despite always being in a hurry!

Find your signature jewellery

Jewellery is a quick and easy way to make an effort with your appearance and it takes seconds — you can just grab and go! Recently, I’ve been wearing these earrings that were passed down from my Grandma (which are perfect for me because I have been obsessed with the moon and stars since I was a little girl) and a bespoke coloured glass necklace that my Grandad surprised me with. They’re very much ‘my style’ and as I wear a LOT of black, they really make the difference between plain and ordinary -v- interesting and noticeable. I always feel much better when I’ve got them on!

My Everyday Jewellery

Perfect your basic make-up look

If you’re used to doing your make-up with a baby at your feet or a toddler running around your room getting into EVERYTHING (I try to distract Lily with some costume jewellery or give her unlimited access to the make-up I don’t mind her destroying, if you choose #2 just make sure you have the baby wipes handy for the clean-up operation!) then getting to grips with a basic make-up look that you’re happy with can speed things up immensely.

For example, I…

(a) Do a double-cleanse, apply moisturiser and finish off with lip balm.

(b) Apply foundation before my moisturiser has fully absorbed to achieve a dewy finish.

(c) Use a setting powder across my entire face and neck.

(d) Apply a dash of blusher to my cheeks. I don’t contour very often but I adore highlighter and will often add this in.

(e) Comb my eyebrows and fill them in with a pencil.

(f) Apply a neutral eyeshadow to my lids, pop a swish of eyeliner on my lower lashline and apply mascara.

(g) Use a buttery lipstick or stain to add some colour to my lip balm.

This usually takes around 5 – 10 mins but I don’t always apply this religiously as I like to give my skin a break every couple of days.

Don’t ditch your skincare routine

As I said, I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis but I always make an effort with my skin. I try to make sure that I’ve cleansed, moisturised and applied lip balm before leaving the house every day and then I’ve got the basics covered if I do decide to put makeup on later on.

At the moment, I’m using the B. Beauty Micellar Water from Superdrug and Green People Organic Orange Blossom Cleanser to do a double cleanse and they both work really well with my sensitive skin. I am feeling really wasteful with all of these cotton pads though so I need to find some alternative reusable pads or wipes when these are finished with!

For moisturiser, I use the matching Green People Organic Orange Blossom Moisturiser or a Vitamin E Cream from Superdrug. For lip balm, I’m using Balmi which really does the trick as I’m especially prone to chapped lips regardless of the time of year.

>> Want to read my Green People Organic Orange Blossom Cleanser & Moisturiser review? Click here! <<


Spritz perfume on your chest and neck before getting dressed

Again, this only takes seconds but it can make you feel SO much better! Sometimes I don’t feel fully dressed when I’m not wearing perfume, does that make sense? I’m currently using the Stella EDT spray and topping up during the day (if needed) on my wrists and behind my ears with the LUSH Imogen Rose Solid Perfume as these compliment each other as they’re both rose-scented.

Indulge in planned pamper sessions

If you do everything in a rush all of the time then you’re not going to enjoy it — period. The same goes for looking after yourself and so whilst we all know there’s more to self-care than bath bombs and face masks, they’re still not to be forgotten about as a good pamper session can do wonders for your self-esteem and stress levels.

Whether you’re spending 10 minutes plucking those unruly eyebrows or an hour or two enjoying a long, hot soak in the bath — anything is a step in the right direction. Not everything can be rushed all of the time and there’s something to be said for taking the time to remember the fun in your beauty regimes and routines.

Do you have anything to add? How do you make sure that you’re feeling yourself whilst trying to fit everything else in?

*Thank you to Dunelm for gifting us the items included in this post today!


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