I really wanted to start a new tradition this year. I don’t know where the idea came from but, pretty late in the day to be honest with you, I suddenly decided that I wanted to make my own advent calendar for Lily. I had so much fun collecting little presents for her but soon realised that whilst they were all pretty small, they were still different shapes and sizes and I needed something bigger than pouches on a piece of string to put them in.

I’m really sorry about the quality of these photos! The lighting is pretty bloody awful at the moment and catching those precious daylight hours is hard. I just had to share this with you though because I actually think it’s a really good idea and it’s a tradition we’re definitely going to stick with going forwards…

Lucky Dip Advent Calendar

So, to remedy this, I grabbed a cardboard box and cut a heart-shaped hole in the front for Lily to put her hand through to pick her prize each day.

I had the most gorgeous evening making this. I stepped away from my phone and my laptop and I just grabbed all of these plates and bowls from the cupboards and filled them with paints to mix and make new colours with.

I also made myself the biggest mug of tea and sat on the floor, perched in front of the TV (which I hardly ever do) watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Gypsy Kids! It was so relaxing and although it’s far from perfect, I decorated the box with a whole lotta love (and it took WAY longer than you think!)

Lucky Dip Advent Calendar Decoration

I then wrapped up all of her presents and popped them in. I could’ve numbered the parcels but (1) I just didn’t have the time or the will to do so (translate: I couldn’t be arsed!) and (2) I thought the whole ‘lucky dip’ element sounded much more appealing!

Here’s what’s included: Marshall bubbles, Paw Patrol crayons (x 4, 1 a day), Christmas hair slides, Sylvanian Families (x 4, 1 a day), super cute rainbow purse, little plushie Chase, little plushie Rubble, dinosaur rubbers (x 5, split across 2 days), peel off nail varnish, the biggest lip balm I’ve ever seen (Lily loves stealing my make-up so I thought she could have her own kiddy stuff), Peppa Pig stickers, Frozen stickers (she watched Frozen for the first time recently), reindeer novelty headband, fairy wand, mini unicorn notebook, Peppa pig chunky pen.

This is the kind of stuff I know she’ll adore, she’s definitely going through a bit of a girly stage right now and she loves her little knick-knacks to take around with her every day.

Lucky Dip Advent Calendar Gifts

So, there you go! Say hello to our Lucky Dip Advent Calendar, a new tradition for our crazy little family.

Would you make this? Do you think you’d prefer to choose your own little trinkets for a homemade advent calendar or do you like to share the mystery of something shop-bought instead?

I think next year I’ll plan this in advance and I might go for an eco-friendly/ethical slant or try and be frugal and get each item for £1 or under (perhaps I could pick up some Poundland gems in the run up to December!)



    December 5, 2017 / 7:39 AM

    Fantastic idea! I bet your Daughter loves it!

  2. December 5, 2017 / 11:45 AM

    This is a brilliant idea! I must remember next year, my boys would love it! X

  3. December 6, 2017 / 2:35 PM

    This is an amazing idea!!!

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