When I asked Lily if she had any ideas for what she wanted to do with this month’s flower-themed Bostik Blogger box, she said she wanted to make something for her toys. I had a little think and grabbed a shoe box I’d kept in the cupboard for us to make this DIY flower box garden for her and her toys to play with.

Make Your Own Box Flower Garden

Our shoe box is square because it came from my new Dr. Martens sandals but any size will work just as well. We cut an opening in the side as shown (I’d recommend doing this to one of the longer sides of a rectangular-shaped shoe box) and recycled the lid and the spare cardboard.

We used green foam to make the grass at the bottom of the box which we cut down to size and stuck down with our Bostik Blu Glue Stick. Lily was worried that it would dry the same blue colour as it does when it’s applied but luckily, it dries clear as I hoped it would. It’s much stronger than your standard glue stick and I found we weren’t having as many corners and edges sticking up and needing another dab of glue as we usually would.

Lily's Flower Garden

To make the grass around the sides of the box, we cut some zig-zags from a sheet of green glittery card and stuck it on. We added some brown foam tree trunks (you’ll see Lily’s on the left-hand side of the box that she cut with her own scissors) and stuck on leaves, paper flower embellishments and foam stickers to decorate the box.

On the bottom of the box, we added a couple of ponds using blue foam sheets and some bushes using scrunched up sections of green tissue paper. In our box this month, we were given a square patch of green crafting turf that we decided would be ideal for some chicks to play on in the corner of the garden.

Lily playing with her flower garden

Lily’s really enjoyed making and playing with her new homemade garden. Would your little one like to make something like this?


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