I am super excited for Spring this year and the change of the seasons. I’m usually a winter dweller but this time round, I can’t wait to ditch the blankets and start venturing outside without big boots and ALL of the layers.

I’m not religious (although I celebrate Ostata/the Spring Equinox) but I love the promise of new life that Easter brings and, let’s be honest, it’s an excuse to spend a day nibbling my way through the biggest chocolate egg I can get my hands on so I can’t really complain!

In readiness for the upcoming celebrations, I’m showing you how to make this quick and easy Easter bunting as my latest project as a #BostikBlogger.

DIY Easter Bunting Tutorial

You will need…

— A few sheets of card or paper in pastel colours. I used recycled sugar paper in blush pink and duck egg blue which seemed to work really well.

— A roll of string or twine. I used some jute string for a rustic feel.

— Sticky tape in plain (for the boring bits!) and washi tape to decorate your bunting with. I used a pink polka dot patterned tape and another roll with roses on.

— Easter or spring-themed stickers. You should be able to pick these up easily at this time of year from shops like Home Bargains, Poundland or B & M together with your usual supermarkets.

DIY Easter Bunting Craft


(1) Cut your paper into triangular shapes for your bunting, adding an additional band across the top to fold over for the string to run through. I made a quick template from a scrap of cardboard and used this to draw around to ensure all of my shapes were the same size.

(2) Decorate your shapes with tape and stickers. You could also use paints, glitter, embellishments or crayons to make them look pretty and stand out from the crowd.

(3) Fold over the band at the top of the bunting shapes and place the string underneath. Secure the paper together with the plain tape and try not to catch the string so you can move it along and position the shapes as required.

(4) Hang up as you wish — perhaps above your fireplace or, like us, across one of your windows.

DIY Easter Bunting Display

Easter Bunting Display

Do you have any favourite crafts or activities to celebrate this time of year?

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