As you probably know by now (especially if you’ve been following us for a while) Lily is a complete wild child. She is obsessed with nature and being outdoors (although this last winter came with a LOT of moaning about the cold — I’m so excited for the warmer months!) She will stop and examine bugs/flowers/wildlife for ages, ask me ALL of the questions and is basically an inquisitive little bean.

So, we thought we’d make our own cardboard binoculars and jazz them up for our exploring and adventures!

Nature Binoculars Make Your Own

You will need…

— 2 x cardboard toilet rolls.

— A pair of scissors.

— PVA glue and spreader.

— A small selection of coloured/patterned scrap paper, ribbons and washi tape.

—A short section of string or ribbon.

Make Your Own Cardboard Binoculars


(1) Decorate your toilet rolls as required. We used PVA glue to stick on some small scraps of spotted and flowery paper before applying some plastic scoubidou strings and shiny/sequined ribbons with different strips of washi tape. Alternatively, you could paint the toilet rolls, stick on embellishments and stickers etc.

(2) Stick your decorated toilet rolls together with another strip of washi tape (or plain sellotape) on each end.

(3) Using the scissors, poke a hole through each of the toilet rolls and attach the string as shown.

(4) Let your little one(s) hang their binoculars around their necks so they’re within easy reach for some quick nature spotting whether it be bugs, flowers or birds.

Make Your Own Nature Binoculars

So, what do you think? Will you be giving these a go with your kiddos?

They’re so easy to make with just a few basic household materials needed and your little ones have free reign to decorate their toilet rolls as they please — the messier and quirkier the better!

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