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Most modern kitchens all have one thing in common right now and that’s metro tiles. Cropping up in commercial and residential properties alike, metro tiles have well and truly made themselves known in the design world. With a rich history, metro tiles can give you a gorgeously vintage look with just a hint of glamour for a truly timeless finish. 

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles have been around since the early 1900s where they first made their appearance in hospitals and prisons thanks to their inoffensive look and easily to clean properties. From here, they were eventually used on the London Underground where they got their famous reputation, becoming an iconic feature of London’s design history. Once thought of as the everyman tile, the metro tile has now risen to design royalty and are currently experiencing more popularity than ever.

Traditionally, metro tiles are white with a black grout so to be in keeping with their fairly neutral design stand point. However, modern interpretations are including more and more colour. Homeowners and designers are moving away from that neutral palette that we’ve become accustomed to in favour of bolder, more saturated colours. Here are a few ways you can use metro tiles and colour to create beautiful aesthetics in your home.

Mediterranean Hues

Metro tiles aren’t just for your walls, they look incredible on floors too. Opt for an orange or brown metro tile on your floor for a slightly Mediterranean look. Use the metro tile in a herringbone format to give your floor a sense of fluidity and pattern about it which will look stunning when paired with dark woods and potted plants.

Mixing It Up

You don’t just have to stick to one colour. Try mixing your metro tiles for a contemporary multicoloured look that works wonderfully as a feature for kitchen splash-backs.

Working with multicoloured tiles also affords you that all important chance to work with accent colours in a room for that professionally layered finish. Don’t be intimidated by mixing colours, you don’t have to go multicoloured. You can use different shades of one colour for example. This gives you that variation but also stays within a secure colour scheme.

Colour Metro Tiles

Inspired By Nature

If you’re looking for a something a little more sophisticated, try a metro tile in an emerald green. The rich colour oozes class and look incredible when matched with copper or rose gold accessories. A big trend this year saw us bringing more of the outdoors in to our homes. This included textured and more natural looking materials. Complete this fantastic green metro tile look by pairing them with potted plants and plenty of natural light for just a touch of nature in your home.

Toning It Down

While interiors are all about colour right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for those safer, natural tones. After all, they are the most likely to give you that wide appeal and timeless look. Metro tiles of a beige, cream or grey are perfect for those country kitchens or contemporary bathrooms.

Grey Metro

Married with rustic woods and worn furnitures, a lighter-coloured metro tile gives you just enough of that whimsical cottage look while maintaining a slightly more modern twist.


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