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Family Camping Holiday // What We’re Packing For Devon

If you read my recent post on how to survive a long car journey with your toddler, then you’ll know I’m in full-on planning and preparing mode for our upcoming holiday in Devon. This is a collaborative post. Michael and I are no strangers to camping — especially the sort of camping where you get drunk all day, rock out to…

Confessions from Motherhood

We all know ‘mum guilt’ is a real thing right? It’s something a lot of us feel all the bloomin’ time, over every little thing (and you know, that probably means we’re actually good mums doesn’t it?) and today I’m telling it to bugger off by owning some of my misdemeanours. Yeah, I do that, what of it? Gimme a…

Upcoming Plans for Lily’s Bedroom

We’re both really proud of Lily’s bedroom. It’s very mis-matched, most of the furniture is second-hand and it’s definitely not so-called ‘Pinterest-worthy’ but it’s cosy, comfortable and homely. Up on the top floor opposite our bedroom, Lily’s room is really big so there’s tons of room for playing and having fun. The ceilings are low as our bedrooms are on…

How To Stop Constantly Snacking When You Work From Home

Since writing this, I’ve *finally* been given a proper diagnosis for my hypothyroidism and I’ve had to cut as much sugar from my diet as I can due to insulin resistance caused by my polycystic ovaries and the gestational diabetes I had when I was pregnant with Lily. As such, I’m really watching every little thing I eat and I’ve…

Plus-Size Dresses Wishlist

I’ve got a thing for dresses. Long, floaty dresses. I always think they’re the perfect transition piece when the seasons are switching as you can quickly throw on some leggings or tights together with a denim/leather jacket (fake, in my case of course!) if you’re feeling chilly. I’ve also got a thing for black clothes so, if you’re like me…

30 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Parents

If you’ve been a reader for a while then you’ll know that I’ve always been very eco-minded. However, I’m a big believer in ‘every little helps’ (sorry Tesco, I’ve nicked that one I’m afraid!) and I think even the smallest of changes are a step in the right direction. So, if you’re wondering where to begin or you’re looking to…