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Preparing Your Living Space for Autumn ft. Partylite Candles

Did you know that it was the Autumnal Equinox yesterday? Yes, that’s right, summer is officially over for another year and we’re back to the season of comfy jumpers, hot chocolate*, crisp air and flushed cheeks. Quite frankly, I’m relieved. Summer drove me insane with its on/off attitude to hot weather and I prefer autumn/winter anyway! The only thing I’ll really miss…

Nappy Rash: Dealing With Baby’s Sore Botty

As parents, we’ve all seen our fair share of nappy rash as it pops up from time to time. You can use the most expensive brand of nappies and slather on all manner of preventative creams but sometimes it’s just one of those things, that little bum can be quite sensitive, bless! In this post, we discover the common causes of nappy rash together with…

Separation Anxiety & Sleep Problems

Lily is not sleeping well. This week, she has been getting up almost every hour during the night and naps have been few and far between, each lasting no more than 20 minutes. I’ll be honest, she’s never been a great sleeper either at night or during the day but we were on the right track with only 1-2 wakes…

Diary Entries: Words For Lily at 7 Months Old

My darling girl, I cannot believe that you are 7 months old already, where has the time gone? Here’s an update as to what you’ve been up to recently… You’ve finally cut your bottom two teeth Yes! All of those months of drooling and chewing furiously have paid off, those pearly whites have decided to make an appearance and you look…

Plasters For Disasters! Dermocare WWF Plasters Review & Giveaway

We’ve all got a shabby box of plasters in the cupboard somewhere right? They’re definitely first aid essentials for anybody who has children or who is perhaps a tad clumsy at times (I, of course, tick both of these boxes) 😉 but really, everybody should have some handy – just incase! The thing is – plasters don’t have to be…

Pregnancy: 6 Fun Things To Do When You Discover You’re Expecting… (includes BabySteps Scratch-Off Calendar giveaway)

Hurrah! You’ve just received or announced the best news of your life, you are pregnant and expecting a little bundle of joy sometime soon. Congratulations! So, aside from stocking up on prenatal vitamins and locking up your booze stash for the next 9 months, what else can you do to enjoy your pregnancy? 1. Start a blog focussing on your…