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Like Grandma, Like Granddaughter – #MySundayPhoto

I’m currently having a couple of days away from blogging as my wonderful Mum has come to stay with us for the weekend. She couldn’t believe how much our little long legs has grown and wanting to show off my new-found photography skills, I grabbed the Nikon and snapped a few shots of them having cuddles and getting reacquainted. Looking…

Lily’s Nursery Photos

I love seeing nursery photos and I thought I’d share with you the pictures that we took of our nursery before Lily was born. We had planned to move whilst I was pregnant but eventually changed our minds so we hadn’t stuck to any specific design for Lily’s room. We live in rented accommodation so we couldn’t do too much…

Words for Lily ‘Beautiful Bear’ at 2 Weeks Old (From My Journal)

Before we had Lily, I had planned to take a photograph of her daily and write to her every day too. Whilst I’ve more or less kept up with the pictures (I snap photos of her all of the time) I haven’t had a chance to keep up with her journal and it’s something that I’m going to endeavor to…

Mermaid Style Fashion for Summer 2015

Today my lovely friend K showed me a photo of her gorgeous new sweater which read ‘ Mermaid for Life ‘ across the front in cute purple sequins. It was so sweet and definitely my sort of thing so I searched through ASOS seeing if it was still available because (A) I’m a complete copycat and (B) we’re not local…

Gums & Grumps – #MySundayPhoto

My word, what a moody munchkin I’ve had this week! Between the return of the dreaded teething and also a degree of separation anxiety, I am exhausted. Every time I put her down I get the ever-so-cute lip wobble and the floodgates open. We seem to be flying through bottles but just playing with our food, she’s much more interested…

Shopping for Lily – 6 to 9 Month Wardrobe {16.07.2015}

Yesterday was such a fun day as we had a little trip around Basingstoke on the hunt for baba clothes. One of my favourite things to do! It’s weird but in the space of less than a week, Lily has gone from fitting her 3-6 month clothes quite comfortably to being too bloomin’ tall for every single last item. The…