It’s only since she turned 2 back in February that Lily’s started watching Paw Patrol. Previously a Peppa girl, she’s swapped that little (annoying) pink piggy for Ryder and his ‘good pups’.

Lily with Everest from Paw Patrol

She’s always liked doggies so it’s no surprise that she took to Paw Patrol as well as she did. The first animal sound she made was ‘woof woof’ and nowadays, our tiny terror has definitely joined the team of pups. Just look at all of the ‘dog’ stuff she does every day:-

  • When the Postman comes, she’ll bring me the letter he’s shoved through the letterbox. In her mouth. Like a dog. Actually, she brings me most things in her mouth. We’re trying to discourage it because, you know, teeth.
  • She eats the dog’s food. She knows it’s not good. She knows we don’t like her doing it but she is a ninja and will sneak it in her mouth before we’ve had the chance to try and stop her!
  • She howls or whistles for her Paw Patrol plushies when they’re not in her arms. ‘Awoooooo!‘. If she’s hurt, she’ll whimper.
  • She licks us affectionately. Quite often she’ll just randomly lick my face!
  • She also licks our glasses to clean them. Again, not the best so we’re trying to stop her!

Because she loves the bloody things so much, Grandma Dee-Dee (my Mum) bought her a ‘Marshall’ soft toy from ASDA. It was £10 (extortionate right?) Because we were away at my Dad’s wedding, Mum bought her another the next day (oh hi ‘Zuma’) to cheer her up. She now has ALL of them and so what happens? The bastards have brought out ‘Super Pups’. They’re just the same but with masks and capes on!

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll see that the collection has been growing steadily and in almost every photo of Lily recently there’s been a pup in her hands. She takes them everywhere (Marshall is definitely the favourite!)

Everything she does, her Paw Patrol pups have to do as well. They have to help her press the button on the traffic lights, take turns down the slide at soft play or at the park, they help her to paint her pictures and to eat her meals. She does the ‘pup pup boogie’, if I do something she likes she tells me I’m a ‘good pup’ — it’s adorable! She genuinely loves them so much!

Lily's Paw Patrol Balloon

Our little ‘Mother of doggies’ is definitely obsessed with her Paw Patrol pups and it’s costing us a small fortune but that look on her face and the happiness they bring her, is worth every penny!

Does your kiddo like Paw Patrol? Who’s their favourite pup?


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