Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset & Figures Toy Review

We were gifted the Puppy Dog Pals toys mentioned in this review.

Lily is probably the biggest animal lover I know. Mostly domestic animals — bunnies, cats, dogs. In particular, when it comes to dogs, she is absolutely obsessed. She will pretend to be a dog on a daily basis. Tilting her head, woofing at us, walking around on all fours. Often pretending she’s hurt her paw and holding it up, whimpering, looking sad. Before it magically recovers and she bounds around the room, happy as a clam. It’s safe to say that dogs are her favourite animals.

We’ll watch TV shows about dogs. We’ll play ‘vets’ over and over again (I’ve lost count of the amount of bandages I’ve wrapped around poorly doggy paws). We’ll run around the park howling and communicating in barks and we’ll borrow dog-related books from the library. 

So it was no surprise really that she knew the names of all of the Puppy Dog Pals crew when the Dog House Playset and Deluxe Figures Set arrived on our doorstep. Strangely, for her, Hissy the cat has been crowned the ‘chosen one’ and has accompanied her everywhere since the boxes were opened — even to bed. But that’s not to say she isn’t head over heels for Bingo, Rolly, IKEA (as she calls her, apparently it’s just Keia) and the rest of the gang as well.

Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figure Play Sets

In true Lily-fashion, she didn’t know the name of the owner figurine and she made it quite clear she couldn’t care less. I suggested a few names, including Bob which happens to be his real name actually — thank you Google for confirming, but she rejected them. We still haven’t settled on what she’s going to call him but I get the pleasure of playing him EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’d also like to contact Disney Junior about possible compensation for the excruciating (OK, very mild) arm ache I’m currently suffering from as a result of constantly carrying the entire playset and all of the figures up and down two flights of stairs several times a day to and from her bedroom. So yeah, thanks for that…

I can’t say I blame her (or them, of course) as it’s a pretty impressive toy. The playset is a half-house structure with an elevator feature to transport the animals up to the top floor where they’ll find a slide to whizz down. On top of the house is a glider for them to clip in to and fly around and there’s even a tyre swing attached to the side of the playset to keep them further entertained. Oh, and a seesaw too!

Lily Playing With Her Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Play Set and Figures
Puppy Dog Pals Bingo and Rolly Figures
Rolly Figure from Puppy Dog Pals
Rolly In Glider Puppy Dog Pals
Elevator on the Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Play Set

Lily has had the toys for just under a week and I don’t think she’s touched much else! It’s been lovely to see her indulge in some real independent play when I’ve had to do some chores around the house or been talking to friends and family whereas usually she would follow me around. She’s really been getting into it and excitedly making up little narratives of her own (and I’ve been sneakily watching and listening!)

She’s also enjoyed lining the A.R.F. vehicle up at the end of the slide so the characters can zoom straight into it and go off on adventures. 

CONTENTS — The Dog House set contains the house itself, a seesaw, two posable figures (Bingo and Rolly) and A.R.F. as a vehicle. The Deluxe Figures set consists of Bob, Bingo, Rolly, Hissy and her bed, A.R.F, Keia, two filled food bowls and a fetch toy.

ASSEMBLY — The Dog House was easy to build with everything popped into the right place in just a few minutes. The Deluxe Figures come ready to play with.

QUALITY — The Dog House is a good size and the features work well without any annoying glitches or design flaws. The figures are very solid and I expect they’ll stand the test of time without any chips or breakages any earlier than you’d expect them to start appearing with frequent play. Both sets are very bright, colourful and eye-catching and the figures are detailed and the perfect size for small hands.

SUGGESTIONS — This was one of those amazing play sets where everything did something — aside from the tree. I know it’s probably too much to ask (because this already boasts more features than most toys) but I would’ve liked the tree to light up? I think that would’ve looked fabulous in the dark.

I would expect most children to use the figures alongside the playset if they were lucky enough to have both so I think it would be better if they were slightly smaller to accomodate this so that all of the characters can go through the door, fit in the swing well etc. Having said that, it’s just a small niggle and both toys do compliment each other excellently.

VALUE FOR MONEY — The Dog House Playset retails at £29.99 which I think is really reasonable in comparison to other similar sets and especially with the two full-sized figures of Bingo and Rolly included. The Deluxe Figures set is around £24.99 for six figures and accessories which again, is fantastic at just over £4 per figure. They’re a great size and good quality.

You can pick up your Puppy Dog Pals toys from all good toy stores and Amazon (I rely on Prime so much — especially at this time of year!)

Puppy Dog Pals at The Entertainer

Puppy Dog Pals at Smyths

Do your children love watching Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Junior? Who’s their favourite character from the show?

We were gifted the Puppy Dog Pals toys mentioned in this review.

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