We adore books in this house and whilst we — as grown-ups with work to do, responsibilities to deal with and sheer exhaustion hindering our ability to reignite our inner bookworms — don’t have our heads in a book as much as we wish, Lily is an avid reader (although she reads to her toys from memory only at this stage, obviously) and we never forgo our nightly bedtime stories which are a highlight for us and the perfect ending to our days.

The thing about that is — we have a LOT of children’s books. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining in the slightest, this is what we wanted. I’ve got drawers full of new books to surprise Lily with for Christmas but we are running out of space for them all.

I walked in to Lily’s room the other day and it was a death trap simply because the floor was littered with books. They were exploding out of the three book boxes on the floor, hanging out of the sling bookcase against the wall, spilling off her bed and I decided enough was enough.

We’ve had this toy storage unit from Argos in our garage for a few months now since we rejigged the playroom and I lugged it out, gave it a dust off and popped it in the corridor space just outside of Lily’s bedroom.

Lily's Reading Nook

You might’ve read a few months ago that I spent most nights sleeping on a giant beanbag next to Lily’s bed? Well, I hauled that out of the mess that is our playroom (standard!) and popped it down next to Lily’s new makeshift book-shelf and the toasty radiator, just underneath the window. I covered it in cosy blankets and it’s become a lovely little place to snuggle together to read her books.

Lastly, I bought some of these copper postcard frames from ASDA and filled them with prints from some of my favourite Etsy sellers — Wonder and Wildhearts, The Have A Go Crafter and IP Dip Design. I also repurposed our autumn La Pom Pom garland as it’s been taken off our seasonal shelf in preparation for our Halloween decorations.

The ‘moth girl’ print by Wonder and Wildhearts is my absolute favourite and I feel like I could look at it forever. I don’t know why but the rosy cheeks, the slightly grumpy, disgruntled face, the cuteness of it all — she just reminds me so much of my own little girl. It’s gorgeous!

Reading Nook Prints

So, there you go. It was super easy to make this little reading nook and all of a sudden, Lily’s bedroom is looking SO much better (I should know, I spent most of the night sleeping precariously on the edge of her bed — how can one tiny toddler need so much bloody room?)

What do you think? How do you store your children’s books?


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  1. November 20, 2017 / 9:48 PM

    Ah this is so cute. My girls are both book worms and we have an area for them to read and they love it x

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