Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Cloth Nappies

As you probably know by now, I prefer to use cloth nappies instead of disposables and Lily has had a ‘fluffy bum’ (i.e. we’ve been using material nappies) since she was a few weeks old when we had used up all of the disposables that our family/friends had kindly stocked up for us.

So why did we decide to make the switch to cloth?  Well, in short, we wanted to:-

  • Try and save some money.  Yes, the initial purchase of a bundle of cloth nappies may seem costly, but once you have them then that’s it, just pop them in the washing machine when you’re finished with them and they’re ready for next time!  You could even make the switch gradually, buying a few nappies at a time and replacing just one or two nappy changes a day with cloth to begin with whilst you build up your cloth stash.
  • Choose the eco-friendly option.  With just one use, disposable nappies are spent, taking up oodles of space in your bin and then clogging up landfills for the next few hundred years!
  • Avoid nappy rash.  Cloth nappies are soft and gentle on baby’s skin and the natural fabric reduces the chances of a rash developing.
  • Avoid leaks.  Cloth nappies are well-known for being much more ‘leak-free’ than your run-of-the-mill disposables and you can adjust the required absorbency with boosters to suit your baby’s needs.

As the use of cloth nappies reduces the amount of nappy waste, some Local Authorities provide vouchers or other incentives to encourage the use of cloth instead of throw-away nappies. To see if your local Council runs a nappy scheme, check out the Go Real ‘Nappy Finder’ search to see what’s on offer.

We have recently invested in some new cloth nappies as you might recall from my earlier posts and we decided to try some alternative brands and types, one of those being the Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch.


Review of Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Cloth Nappies

These super-soft nappies should be worn underneath a waterproof wrap.  The set I bought from Tesco contained all of the available Bamboozle Stretch prints (1 x Thistle, 1 x Sunset, 1 x Splosh and 2 x Natural) together with a waterproof wrap to wear over them. I usually use all 5 nappies with the same waterproof wrap and then wash them all together (unless the wrap becomes damp but I haven’t experienced this yet, we’ve not had any leaks with these nappies).

The nappies have a velcro-fastening (just like a disposable nappy) which is quick and easy to use and provides for an excellent fit on baby.

Tots Bots provide two useful videos on their website – 1 highlighting the features of the nappy and another showing new users how to put the nappy on.


  • These nappies have the highest level of absorbency from all of the different types/brands that we have tried with Lily so far.  We tend to save them for naps/overnight use to take advantage of this and when we do change Lily, her bottom is usually still quite dry whilst the nappy will be full and heavy.
  • It’s all in the name!  These nappies are incredibly stretchy and I feel that this allows for a better individual fit than some other cloth nappies may offer.
  • Some cloth nappies can be quite bulky but even with the two layers, the Bamboozle Stretch provides for one of the slimmest fits that I have seen.
  • We live in a hard water area which has affected some of the other nappies that we own.  However, these nappies have stayed soft and bottom-friendly.
  • The nappies are made in the UK and all of the materials used for the nappies and accessories are ethically-sourced holding the ‘Ethical Consumer Magazine Best Buy’ label.
  • Tots Bots are the only nappy company in the world to have their full range of nappies Oeko-tex certified.  This is a guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used during the production process.


  • These nappies take longer to dry than usual due to the material that they’re made from so make sure that you bear that in mind.  For us, on a sunny day and on the washing line, they usually take about 8 hours and on the airer, I find that they’re not dry until the next day.
Examples of Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Cloth Nappies


There are two options – Size 1 (6-18lb) and Size 2 (9-35lb).  At 15 weeks, Lily is 15lb so the Size 2 was the obvious choice for us. The Size 2 is effectively a ‘Birth to Potty’ nappy as it will fit the majority of babies from newborn until they no longer need to use nappies.  For smaller babies, the Size 1 is available until they’re ready to use the Size 2.


Individually, the nappies cost £11 – £12 each with a wrap also priced at about £11. You can also buy packs with the wrap included, like I did, which works out slightly cheaper.  You’ll see that I have a plain red wrap but there are a variety of prints/designs available such as those shown above.

For a decent cloth nappy, prices range from about £10 – £20 so I consider this to be the lower end of the pricing scale for a superior nappy.


Tots Bots advise that you should prewash the nappy before use and that it will take approximately 10 washes for the nappy to reach maximum absorbency.  The nappy should be washed at 40 degrees if it is just wet or 60 degrees if it has been soiled.  Wash with non-biological washing powder only (no fabric conditioner or harsh stain removers).  When clean, the nappy should be left to dry on the washing liner/airer or tumble-dried on a cool setting.  Before washing, I keep the dirty nappies in a lidded bucket by the washing machine.

One thing we’ve learnt is to make sure that you fold back the velcro tabs when washing the nappies to make sure that they don’t attach to each other and cause mild damage/pulling of the fabrics!

You can purchase specially designed ‘potions’ and accessories from Tots Bots which I think look really useful but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to try these yet due to my pay reduction on maternity leave.  If I’d of known about them before, I would have purchased them before Lily was born as I’d love to try them.


These nappies have won a host of awards and amongst them, the Mother & Baby Gold award in the Best Reuseable Nappy category for the past 3 years running! In fact, the original Bamboozle was the first cloth nappy EVER to win this award. It’s easy to see why, they really are outstanding quality and great value for money.


  • Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch Nappies
  • Tots Bots Waterproof Wrap
  • Nappy Liners (these catch any mess but allow liquid to pass through and be absorbed by the nappy).  You can use disposable liners (like I do) or material liners that are washed and re-used in the same way that the nappies are.  I bought a pack of 6 x 100 disposable nappy liners from Amazon back when Lily was about 5 weeks old and I still haven’t used them all (she’s now 15 weeks) although I will need to stock up again soon!

Do you use Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch?  Are you as happy with them as we are? (We can’t get enough of them!) I’d love to hear your thoughts! Xx



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