I was really happy to be presented with such positive responses to our seasonal shelf and autumnal books/decorations a few weeks ago (thank you!) and, as I said, we’ll be updating our shelf throughout the year to sync up with the seasons and holidays/special occasions.

Unless you’ve been living in a bat cave (how fun would that be?) you’ll have probably noticed that Halloween is just around the corner and to get us in a dark, magical mood I’ve given our seasonal shelf a spooky makeover!

Halloween Seasonal Shelf

Do you like it? I left all of the leaves on because it’s still the same season and they look pretty cool don’t they?

Halloween Seasonal Shelf Batty

Halloween Seasonal Shelf Books

Spookley The Square Pumpkin

Halloween Star Garland

As before, I’ve listed everything below so you can just click through easily…


Top Shelf: Room on the Broom // Peppa Pig’s Creepy Cobwebs // Funnybones // Five Little Pumpkins

Middle Shelf: Peppa’s Pumpkin Party // That’s Not My Witch

Bottom Shelf: The Legend of Spookley The Square Pumpkin // Ten Little Monsters // Pumpkin Soup

I didn’t have to add too much to the books we already had as, naturally, we’re pretty well-stocked when it comes to spooky stuff…

I remember frantically searching for Funnybones when we first started collecting books for Lily as it’s one that’s always stuck with me since being a little girl myself. You can’t beat books by Janet and Allan Ahlberg can you? There’s still tons of Ahlberg books that I’d like to buy that we haven’t gotten our hands on yet!


Halloween Star Garland — Phoebe’s Treasure Trove (Etsy)

Edward Scissorhands/Wednesday Addams Prints — Wonder & Wildhearts (Etsy)

Crocheted Bat Toy — Carrot Top Characters (Etsy)

Spookley Pumpkin Toy — Amazon UK

Artificial Leaves — The Works

N.B. We bought our Spookley The Square Pumpkin book and plush toy from the Pumpkin Festival at Kenyon Hall Farm.

Are you and your sproglets excited for Halloween? Will you/they be dressing up?

Don’t forget to check back in November to see our Winter Seasonal Shelf (and if you’ve got any ideas as to what I should include, please do let me know!)

Our Halloween Seasonal Shelf


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