2018 is going to be the year where I start looking after myself properly — mind, body and soul. Over the next few weeks, you might notice a heavy focus on wellbeing and self-care when it comes to the nature of the content I’ll be producing for you as, for me anyway, it’s something that is always pushed back.

I came across a phrase recently that’s really stuck with me — “You can’t pour from an empty cup” — which basically means that you can’t be there for other people and give to them whilst you’re running on empty yourself. Every time I’ve spoken to somebody else about how they’ve become overwhelmed or found themselves at breaking point it’s been one of the first things I’ve mentioned but it’s not something I’ve found time for myself. Well, now it’s time to practice what I preach.

I truly believe that we NEED to take at least 15 minutes every day for ourselves!

If you’re looking to care for yourself better and start respecting your own needs as well as other people’s, why not use these prompts to give you a little time for yourself each day? By the end of the month, we should all be feeling a little better and hopefully, you’ll have discovered some new ways to unwind and take time for you.

31 self-care prompts for January and the New Year

Self-Care Calendar Prompts for January 2018

Feel free to join in this month (why not print this list and stick it somewhere you can see it every day to remind yourself?) and share your photos over on Instagram using the hashtag #myselfcaremission! You could also use the hashtag to share any photos where you’re practising self-care or doing something for yourself.

Monday 1st — Take on the new year by giving yourself a confidence injection. Brush your hair and spend some time styling it to your tastes. Wash your face, cleanse, and slow down your rushed make-up routine so you can enjoy the process. Try the eyeshadow shades from your palette that you’ve never dipped a brush in and even if you’re not going today, make the effort for you.

Tuesday 2nd — Grab your headphones, cosy up with a blanket and listen to some music. Just a single song can improve your mood, recharge your batteries and make you feel 10 x better!

Wednesday 3rd — Buy some vitamins (if you haven’t got any lurking around the back of the cupboard — if you do find some don’t forget to check they’re still OK) and make a commitment to take them daily. If, like me, you’re completely pants at this sort of thing, why not set a recurring alarm to remind you?

Thursday 4th — Go for a walk! Either by yourself so you can let your mind wander and have some well-needed thinking time, or with your babes (remember to wrap up warm).

Friday 5th — Treat yourself to a new nail varnish and sit down in front of the TV tonight with a cup of something warm (or a glass of something lovely) and spend some time on your nails. Trim them, file them, buff them and shine them. Use a cuticle cream/balm and paint them with your new gorgeous colour.

Saturday 6th — Wash your favourite bed sheets with an extra capful of fabric conditioner and if you’ve got a dryer, pop them in for a spin so they come out cosy and soft. When they’re done, change your bed so it’s fresh and ready for you to sink into when you go to sleep later on.

Sunday 7th — Give yourself a head start for next week and get an early night. You could do this by getting your clothes out ready for tomorrow complete with matching shoes/boots and accessories. Do the same for your kiddos. Make yourself a filling, wholesome lunch for the next day and pop it in the fridge so it’s ready for you. Make a list of things you want to achieve and tasks that need completing within the next 7 days ready to be ticked off. Make yourself some hot milk and spend some time removing your make-up and cleansing your face before you settle down.

Monday 8th — Load YouTube on your TV or computer and spend some time doing something active. You could dance to your favourite song, follow a 5-minute yoga/pilates routine, or find a quick exercise video to loosen your joints and get those endorphins flowing! Bonus points for getting your cherubs involved as well.

Tuesday 9th — Turn OFF CBeebies (by the time you get to do this they’ll probably be in bed anyway so why, oh why are you still watching it?) and watch something for you with a hot drink and your phone out of reach so you can’t get distracted by social media. Just enjoy what you’re watching (like the good old days!)

Wednesday 10th — Run yourself a hot, steamy bubble bath (got any spare bath bombs or salts handy? Chuck them in!) and relax with a drink and your book/magazine/music/social media etc.

Thursday 11th — Buy yourself some flowers or potted plants and put them in pride of place on your kitchen/coffee table, windowsill or fireplace.

Friday 12th — Two words. FACE. MASK. Don’t run around ticking off jobs whilst you wait to take it off though, take that time for you!

Saturday 13th — Spend 15-20 minutes writing down some of your ideas and thoughts, hopes and dreams. Do some little doodles and clear your head.

Sunday 14th — Start a new book and remind yourself to make the effort to read at least a chapter a day if you’re somebody who enjoys reading. If you’re short of things to read, why not go to the Library and see if you can pick up something new?

Self-Care Calendar Prompts for January 2018

Monday 15th — Empty your handbag and re-pack with just the things you need. Take all of those old, scrunched-up receipts from your purse and give that a sort as well.

Tuesday 16th — Take a new profile picture for social media.

Wednesday 17th — Book a hairdresser’s appointment.

Thursday 18th — Go through your make-up and toiletries and throw away anything that’s out of date and donate anything that you no longer want or need. I tend to give away slightly used items to family/friends and anything unused to a local charity or refuge. If you’re left with some gaps, make a note of new products to buy and if you want to try something different this time around, read online reviews or ask for recommendations.

Friday 19th — Treat yourself to coffee and cake! Whether there’s a nice little café you can pop to in town or if you’re staying at home, treat yourself to something from the cupboards or the local bakers instead.

Saturday 20th — Moisturise your entire body. It’s especially important in these cold, winter months!

Sunday 21st — Sort out your wardrobe. If you don’t like it or the way it makes you feel then wave goodbye, you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life! Be brutal and make sure you’ve got a core set of favourite outfits that make you feel amazing when you’re wearing them.

Monday 22nd — Spend some time doing something creative or relaxing! Some ideas include colouring, crocheting, sewing, painting or anything crafty! 

Tuesday 23rd — Light some candles, sit down comfortably and cosy and relax for 5 minutes with no distractions.

Wednesday 24th — Do some baking!

Thursday 25th — Write a letter or card by hand. Make an effort with decorating the paper and the envelope so it becomes something really special to your chosen recipient.

Friday 26th — Find beauty in 5 things as you go about your day today and take photos of them.

Saturday 27th — Make yourself a foot spa. It can be as simple as putting some bubbles into a washing up bowl and letting your feet soak for 5 – 10 minutes!

Sunday 28th — Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, grab a pen and some paper and do a quick sketch. It could be absolutely anything! Maybe it’s your favourite quote with some decoration around or perhaps it’s a drawing of something you can see in front of you or something completely from your imagination. Let those creative juices flow!

Monday 29th —If you can afford to (hopefully it’s quite close to payday for you) take some money out of the cash machine and spend it ALL on yourself. Even if it’s just £10, it’s a little treat just for you and nobody else!

Tuesday 30th — Treat yourself to a takeaway or, if you’re trying to be healthier, buy the ingredients to make yourself a ‘fakeaway’ instead.

Wednesday 31st — Watch a new YouTube video from one of your favourites and leave them a comment letting them know you enjoyed it or your thoughts.

Do you manage to find time for yourself every day at the moment or is it something you’ll be striving for in the New Year?

What are your favourite ways to practise self-care?

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  1. January 2, 2018 / 11:41 AM

    I love this post! 2018 is definitely the year I look after myself more. Nothing can beat a nice warm bath or just taking 5 minutes to yourself.

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