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I’ve never really been a lover of slogan or statement t-shirts. It’s one of those things I think — like how I can’t stand Andie MacDowell (which might be something to do with her playing the highly-annoying Carrie in Four Weddings, we all know Charles would’ve been so much better off with Fi) — does that make sense? They’re just not my cup of teaOh, until recently that is when I’ve been ALL over them.

Suddenly, I am completely taken by them. And I want them. All of them. Especially if they’ve got a feminist slant or they’re winning on the mama merch front. If they say something that doesn’t have any meaning to me then I’m still in the ‘nope’ camp. Soz. But these babies? I’d snap them up in an instant!

Slogan Tees, Statement Tees & Mama Merch

Raising The Future Sweatshirt — Mère Soeur // Radical Thinker Tee — MuthaHood // So Tired T-Shirt — Alphabet Bags // We Rise Together Tees — Savage Seeds // Mother Like No Other Sweater — Mother Like No Other // Take No Shit Vest — Haus of Mono // Eliminate Body Hate Tee — Bloody Nora Pam

Sure, they might just look like t-shirts, but these beauties are like wearing an invisibility cloak of empowerment and strength. With every glance in the mirror or nod in the street, they remind us to think, to do and to be the very best we can be. Fashion with substance, style with power.

And if they don’t get across the message as well as you’d like? Then head over to Printsome and get exactly what you want printed on personalised t-shirts, hoodies, bags or whatever it is you need.

Do you have a favourite slogan tee or sweater? What are your recommendations for Etsy stores and independent businesses where I can find something new to lust over?


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