Spotify For Babies

Spotify For Babies

Music is a BIG deal in our house.

Michael and I prefer rock/heavy metal (although we’re both open to anything that’s worth listening to), we go to a few music festivals every year and lots of gigs, we buy music magazines and our CD collection is huge!

Nowadays, it’s all about Spotify/YouTube and our CDs are just collecting dust (I insist on keeping them, I like the artwork and what if the internet ever went down?!)

Spotify is an free app that can be used on your mobile/tablet/computer.

If you use the free app on your mobile, you can only shuffle songs with 6 skips every hour.

On your tablet and computer you can select songs individually.

With the arrival of our baby bear, I find Spotify really useful for:-

  • Nursery rhymes (I can remember a few verses and then I just hum along because it’s been so long since I’ve had to sing them!)
  • Relaxing music (i.e. instrumental, mood-setting, ambience) – I’ve found this absolutely brilliant for calming Lily down if she is over-tired and trying to get to sleep.
  • White noise (doesn’t work very well for Lily but I’ve heard that a lot of Mums swear by it)
  • My own (baby-friendly) playlist that I can sing along to and dance like nobody is watching to keep Lily happy and occupied.
Spotify for Babies

I would say that investing in Spotify Premium (no adverts, better quality, can play any song on mobile devices without shuffling…) might be a good idea if you use it often.  I’m just about to do this myself as there’s been times when I’ve had Lily on the edge of dreamyland and then the adverts have kicked in and woken her up! *sigh*

Do you use Spotify around the house with your baby?  What do you like to listen to with him/her?

Note – This post has NOT been sponsored by Spotify or any of its affiliates and is based on my own personal opinions.


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