Do you ever wonder why you buy your child an array of footwear to suit all occasions because all they want to bloody wear is their wellies? Lily lives in her wellies and pretty much always has. It’s super cute, especially when she pairs them with a dress and looks like she’s rockin’ away at a festival.

She can’t resist a puddle either. There’s no use reciting the whole Peppa Pig rule (“if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots…”) because she just doesn’t give a damn.  Don’t you know puddles are for jumping in? No exceptions. Who cares if we’re in shoes? Not us. It’s one of the things I love about her the most — she knows her mind, she knows what she wants and she’s very, what’s the word, free-spirited?

Lily with her umbrella

Lily posing with her dinosaur umbrella

Lily standing under her dinosaur umbrella

The season is changing, the weather is warmer and the days are lighter. It’s time for us to get outside again, to go on nature trails, indulge in some bug-spotting and do silly dances in the rain.

For Spring, Lily has a new pair of wellies from JoJo Maman Bébé* together with a pair of fleece-lined, waterproof dungarees in a soft pink. The dungarees have easy clip-on/off buckles at the top so she can drop them to her ankles and simply walk out of them when we get home, leaving her clothes underneath cosy and dry. They also unzip at the bottom to make extra room for her wellies and there’s a band of elastic across the foot opening to keep your kiddo’s wellies in place and stop them falling off (no soggy feet here, thank you!)

Lily playing in the rain

Lily grinning in the rain

JoJo Maman Bebe Wellies

I do wish the wellies had handles on the side to make them easier to get on and off but that’s my only gripe. Aside from that, they’re beautiful in a gorgeous woodland print and they’re made of a thick, sturdy rubber to keep her tootsies from getting soaked.

I’m so excited for our Spring adventures to begin and I’ve put together a little bucket list of things for us to do over the next couple of months…

— Go on a colour-themed nature trail. This is where you make or print off a chart showing the different colours of the rainbow and you collect things that match the colours.

— Go searching for signs of Spring.

— Feed the ducks.

— Make perfume in glass jars from flowers and water.

— Go to the farm and pick fruits and veggies.

Lily looking at a daffodil close up

— Plant some seeds and watch them grow.

— Blow bubbles and chase them.

— Go out looking for bugs and worms.

— Fly a kite.

— Make homemade playdough.

Lily with a daffodil

— Do chalking in the garden or backyard and play hopscotch. 

— Go to the beach.

— Make our own ice-cream and lollies.

— Have an outdoor tea party or picnic.

— Look for a rainbow.

Lily laughing with a daffodil

— Make mud puddings and pies.

— Play with water and build sandcastles in the garden.

— Make homemade bread by hand.

— Buy a cheap camera for Lily and show her how it works.

— Make fairy wands from sticks.

Lily going in a puddle

— Make suncatchers.

— Do a rainwater experiment.

Teach Lily to ride her bike.

— Paint rocks and hide them around the local area (and search for some of our own to bring home!)

— Take Lily’s paints and easel outside and do stamping with fruits/vegetables/leaves.

What have you got planned to make the most of the Spring and Summer this year? Does your little one live in their wellies as well?

Lily in the rain

*A big THANK YOU to JoJo Maman Bébé for gifting us the wellies and waterproof dungarees featured in this post for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own.


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