The Battle Between Style & Substance: Which Will Win?

This is a collaborative post.

When it comes to your home, there’s a ton of things that you’ll want to keep in mind. As you look to create the perfect space to live in, there does always seem to be a lot of stuff that you need to factor in. And it can really be overwhelming when you’re trying to find a balance. Because not only do you want the space to be functional, but you’ll want it to look nice too. And it can be really hard to get both ideas to work together. Yet, it really doesn’t need to be impossible. Instead, you just need to make sure that you’re allocating points for each. That style will win in some areas, while substance has to in others. And when you work in this way, you’ll find that the perfect home balance is pretty simple to achieve indeed.


To start with, in terms of your home and how you’re living, you’ll want to consider the practical aspects that mean you get to live well at home. Here, storage and space, the right seating and furniture all matter. And yes, design will come into play here, but never put it first if you actually want to live well.


When it comes to how you dress, everyone will have their preference when it comes to whether style or substance will win. And it’s important for you to work out where you want to fall. When you’re choosing varifocal glasses vs bifocal glasses, you can still consider the frame style. When you pick shoes, you can invest to get comfortable shoes that look good. And, you can balance down days with dressy days to benefit from the best of both.

Ease of living

The first area where both combine, is ease. Because your clothing choices and your home life should both facilitate the ease of living. They should add to your lifestyle and make it easier, not take away from it.


Comfort will always matter. No matter how well you want to dress or how trendy you want your home to look. If you’re not comfortable, it just won’t count. So think about your comfort when you shop and when you get stressed – but still try to style out your own personal taste. And really research the homewares that you buy. Assess their suitability and comfort factor before you make an impulse purchase that doesn’t exactly make fun to live.

The overall finish

But then also, the one thing that that is going to make this all work together, is the way that you finish things off. Whether we’re talking about your home, or the way you look, or how you approach anything in life, the finishing touches count. Even if you’re dressing practically but you add accessories, it works. And if your home is very storage and functional focused, but you’ve added art and soft furnishings, there’s a balance. Which is exactly the desired outcome you’ll want.


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