Upcoming Plans for Lily’s Bedroom

We’re both really proud of Lily’s bedroom. It’s very mis-matched, most of the furniture is second-hand and it’s definitely not so-called ‘Pinterest-worthy’ but it’s cosy, comfortable and homely.

Up on the top floor opposite our bedroom, Lily’s room is really big so there’s tons of room for playing and having fun. The ceilings are low as our bedrooms are on the third floor where the roofspace would have been but it often feels like we’re up in our own little world which is sort of beautiful isn’t it?

We’ve got a few ideas for Lily’s bedroom across the next couple of months. Nothing major, just some small changes and finishing touches that we think would work well. Here’s what we’ve got planned…

This is a collaborative post.

1. Knick-knack shelves. You know the ones that look super cute on the walls but only hold a few small toys or trinkets? They’re usually shaped like little houses or clouds or beehives (and so on) and I think they look gorgeous!

Knick Knack Children's Novelty Shelves

Townhouse Wall Shelves Trio £25.20 — GLTC // Cloud Wall Shelves £32.95 — Pink Biscuit at NOTHS

2. Dressing table with mirror. I’ve been looking at mirrors for Lily’s room for a while and I thought a dressing table would be a great addition as a sort of self-care station. We managed to pick up a second-hand dressing table in our local charity shop for just £5 and now she has a hairbrush and comb to brush her own hair together with clips/headbands and some of her beads and bracelets to try on. Plus, all of her underwear, socks, tights and pyjamas are in the drawers below for easy, toddler-friendly access.

3. Glow-in-the-dark stars. We’ve had some glow-in-the-dark stick ons before but the ‘sticky’ didn’t last very well. Lily’s Aunty has TONS of stars stuck to her ceiling (she has a lovely ‘galaxy’ themed bedroom) and she bought them in a pack of a hundred or so for just a few pounds from eBay. Lily is in love with them so we’d like to create a similar starry night effect for her ceiling at home as well.

Glow in the Dark Stars

Glow In The Dark Star Stickers from 99p — eBay

4. Double mattress with hanging canopy. Lily had a daybed but we’ve decided to change her to a floorbed as she seems to sleep better and was bouncing too much on her high bed! She currently has her single mattress on the floor but we’re going to be changing this to a double mattress so I don’t have to sleep on the chair in her room when she needs extra cuddles. My neck and back are going to be so pleased! There’ll also be lots of room for the heaps of teddies she insists on taking to bed every night together with all of her cosy cushions and blankets.

To add to this, we’re thinking of buying a canopy to hang over her mattress to try and create a more delicate and calming atmosphere in her sleep environment and be a thin veil between her and the usual ‘busyness’ that comes with a toddler’s bedroom.

5. Feature wall. As we’re currently renting, we’re reluctant to paint or wallpaper the entire room but we think a feature wall should be just enough to add some character and easy enough to remove at the end of our tenancy. We’ve been looking at children’s wallpaper from Wallsauce and my favourite is ‘The Meadow’ which has a beautiful, whimsy feel and isn’t too bright and eye-catching to try and keep things toned down in her bedroom.

Wallsauce The Meadow

‘The Meadow’ Children’s Wallpaper from £30/m² — Wallsauce

What does your little one’s room look like? Do you have any plans to jazz it up sometime soon?


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