Here’s a little secret: I get super nervous when I try those bold, darker lip colours. You know, the ones that are really popular at the moment. They are daring and beautiful and I bloody love them but truthfully? I just don’t have the confidence for them right now. I’ve got a row in my make-up collection of gorgeous shades from deep purples to black and sultry blood reds — and I have worn them on occasion — but really, I am in desperate need of those natural ‘everyday’ lipsticks. The ones that I will apply over and over until I’m crying over the over-rounded stumps at the bottom.

Luckily, NEEK offered to send over a few samples of their 100% natural, vegan lipsticks for Veganuary and they are exactly what’s been on my beauty wishlist. In kiss me, kiss me, sunsets and mystify, all of the bases are covered and I can easily pick a shade to compliment my chosen look.

NEEK Organic Vegan Lipsticks Review

NEEK Lipsticks are buttery, super hydrating and perfect if you’re trying to achieve a more natural look.

They’re made on a base of shea butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil and free of nasties like parabens, lead, sulphates, palm oil and chemicals which ticks ALL of the boxes in my book.

The lipsticks are coloured naturally using micas and pigments in lieu of synthetic dyes and also benefit from the added additions of sweet orange peel and Vitamin E to soothe dry lips (like mine!)

With eight shades available at just £15.95 each, there’s a natural lipstick to suit everybody and although it obviously goes without saying, NEEK are a bunny-lovin’, cruelty-free company.

NEEK Organic Vegan Lipsticks Review

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to NEEK for introducing me to their wonderful brand and for letting me discover a new favourite lipstick (I think I might be kiss me, kiss me‘s biggest fan!) I am truly impressed and would recommend them to anybody looking to overhaul their makeup collection when going vegan for the first time or for any vegan or cruelty-free make-up lovers looking to try something new.

P.S. Please excuse my poorly complexion, I’m recovering from a nasty stomach bug!

NEEK Kiss Me, Kiss Me Review

Kiss Me, Kiss Me

NEEK Kiss Me, Kiss Me Vegan Lipstick

Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Are you already a NEEK fan?

What’s your favourite shade (and which ones do I need to try next?)


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