“Eat jam not ham” — isn’t that just the cutest quote ever? One of my guilty pleasures food-wise is the thickest slice of white bread, smothered in salted butter and slathered in strawberry jam.  Yes, this is definitely a movement I can get behind (although I’ll have to sprinkle some salt granules on my dairy-free spread!)

Veganuary 2018

Let’s get real though, as an environmentalist and animal-lover, I guess adopting a vegan lifestyle may seem like the next logical step but this will be, ashamedly, my third time doing Veganuary and my third attempt at going vegan for good. I say ‘attempt’ but I know I won’t fail this time around. I don’t want to spout the usual ‘new year, new me’ BS at you but, as far as I’m concerned, at the turn of the clock this New Year’s Day I made one of the best decisions of my life. I’m going into this without a single thought of going back to my old ways, ever. I didn’t even stuff my face with ALL of the chocolate, cheese and sausages for ‘one last taste’ because I didn’t even care at all. I’m ready for this and I have been for months.

I’m excited because there’s hundreds of vegan recipes to try and products to change up our usual favourites. I feel like some sort of vegan goddess when I go food shopping knowing that the groceries I’m putting through the till are not only good for my body but also cruelty-free (and super tasty!) The guilt is gone (bye, bitch!) and I am so over being knackered so I’m hoping to see a spike in my energy levels. Lastly, the high blood pressure I’ve been battling since my teens just might decide to bugger off — fingers crossed! — and I’m desperate to see a lower number on the scales as time goes by.

Are you doing Veganuary or have you considered a vegan lifestyle before?

What are your favourite vegan meals or recipes?


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