I have been talking about vlogging for the longest time but I still haven’t made the leap to being ‘on camera’ and sharing my real life with you. My house is always too messy for video along with my general ‘knackered mama’ vibes and goodness knows what else but the recent #mamafigure campaign by Channel Mum has sparked a new found confidence and, I guess, a sort of ‘f**k it’ attitude when it comes to the way I approach this stuff. It sounds so easy in principle but I am ALWAYS putting off recording for the silliest of reasons and I’m determined to give it a go and show the true visuals behind the carefully crafted words and photographs.

I’ve also just ordered a new vlogging camera because filming something only to see that it’s teetering in and out of focus is the absolute WORST. My G7X come next week and I’ve decided it’s going to fix all my problems (probably not, but it’s a start eh?) I’m hoping the confidence I’m going to have to push myself to maintain through vlogging will seep through to my offline life to make that easier too (here’s hoping!)

Parenting Video Suggestions YouTube

I’m feeling mega inspired right now and I’ve done my research creating a ‘bank’ of video ideas for myself should I ever be stuck for content when it comes to video planning. I thought it’d be selfish to keep that to myself so if, like me, you’re an aspiring vlogger, here’s some video suggestions should you fall in to the same parenting and lifestyle niche…

  1. Monthly favourites. This could be anything — beauty products, new items you’ve found to use with your kids, your favourite bloggers/vloggers, the list is endless and completely up to you!
  2. Hauls. Been on a spending spree recently? Unpack your shopping backs with us and show us what you splurged on.
  3. Channel Mum monthly topics. If you want to join the conversation and keep up with what everyone’s talking about right now in the parenting vlogosphere (is that even a word?) then pop over to Channel Mum and see what their trending topics are all about this month.
  4. DITL (day in the life). Film yourself throughout the day and mash the clips together to show us what you got up to. You can also film entire weekends/weeks/months and make compilation videos (just make sure the final product isn’t too long!)
  5. Organisation/cleaning videos. Speed cleaning seems to be ‘in’ at the moment where you simply film yourself cleaning (kill two birds with one stone!) and shove a fast-forward action on there so it doesn’t get boring!
  6. House/room tours. People are nosy. I am one of said ‘people’. It’s worth saying that I don’t think you need a show home for this. Other people’s houses are just interesting, OK?
  7. Daily routines i.e. morning routine, how you do bedtime, what you do in a typical day.
  8. Q + A. You can answer some general questions you think your followers might like to know the answers to or better still, ask them what they want to know via your social media channels.
  9. Make-up/skincare routine. Again, people are nosy. Also, aren’t these videos just addictive?
  10. Resolutions and goals. It might spur you on to have them recorded.
  11. Tag posts i.e. boyfriend does my make-up and so on. Have a look at some of your favourite YouTubers and see what they’ve joined in with. You don’t really need to be tagged to get involved.
  12. Monthly updates for your child(ren).
  13. Money & budgeting tips/how you sort your bills/how you handle your finances.
  14. Recipes. If you’ve got a favourite meal/bake, why not share it?
  15. Packing videos. This could be your next family holiday, a weekend away with your partner, a festival etc.
  16. Gift ideas/gift guides. Is there a big holiday coming up that you could centre your video around?
  17. A tour of your wardrobe or your kid’s wardrobe. What are your favourite pieces at the moment?
  18. Toy reviews (these seem to do very well views-wise!)
  19. Is Christmas around the corner? When is your little one’s next birthday? Let us know what you’re planning!
  20. What’s in my bag/changing bag?
  21. Sit down and tell us some of your personal experiences/stories of your life.
  22. Grocery haul. I like these because again, I’m nosy and I like to know whether people shop savvy or like to splurge (or both).
  23. GRWM (get ready with me). Going somewhere special? Date night on the horizon? Again, just set your camera up to record and you’ve covered both bases. By the time you’re finished you’ll be all dressed and dolled up AND you’ll have new content for your channel.
  24. What are you reading at the moment? Discuss.
  25. Self-care ideas. What do you do to wind down or have some time to yourself?
  26. Slimming World/health and fitness videos. Again, these are very popular!
  27. Kid’s toiletries/skincare products.
  28. DIY/crafts. Can you fit these in with the seasons/national holidays?
  29. The low-down on your kid’s favourite books.
  30. Meal planning. Do you have an angle on this i.e. budget meals, healthy, allergy-friendly?
  31. A chatty life update. Just sit down with a brew/glass of something fizzy and chat away!
  32. Makeover/hair dying videos. Are you up for trying a new look or something different?
  33. Let us know your top restaurants, shops, things to do in your local area.
  34. What films have you been to see at the cinema recently? What shows are you binge-watching on Netflix? What are your all-time favourites?
  35. Days out/attractions vlogs. Remember to put your county/area in the description (top tip I saw recently by Donna from What The Redhead Said, worth doing I think!)
  36. What approach do you take with your children to deal with challenging behaviour/tantrums? What works well for you?
  37. Birth stories. The good and the bad, everyone can relate to a birth story similar to their own.
  38. Pregnancy updates. I used to love watching these when I was pregnant with Lily!
  39. Your conception/TTC (trying to conceive)/IVF journey.
  40. What are your favourite/top baby names?
  41. Hospital bag packing.
  42. Comparison videos i.e. best nappies to use/best baby wipes/best XXX.
  43. Reaction videos — announcing pregnancy/engagement/gender reveals etc.
  44. What you/your kids eat in a day or baby weaning tips.
  45. Topical discussion about current affairs/what’s in the news etc.

I hope this little list has sparked some inspiration and helped with your content planning for the next couple of months. If you can think of any additional video suggestions please do let me know so I can add them on.

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