4 Things You Won’t Want To Miss In Marrakech

This is a collaborative post.

We’re in desperate need of a holiday and over the past few weeks, I’ve been looking around at where we might like to book for our next trip abroad. The last time we travelled was over 3 years ago back in October 2014 when I was still pregnant with Lily and we visited Marrakech.

Whilst reminiscing, I’m almost tempted to book another trip over to Morocco despite there being so many other places across the world that we would love to see as it was a beautiful week full of natural beauty, history and culture. We used a popular UK travel agent last time but for next time, I’ve been looking atĀ Holiday Gems recently as they offer ATOL-protected flights and accommodation at discounted prices.

If you’re heading over to Marrakech soon, here’s 4 things that you absolutely won’t want to miss during your stay…

Cascades of Ouzoud

These waterfalls are stunningly beautiful and our trip to the Cascades of Ouzoud was easily my favourite excursion during our trip to Morocco in 2014. It’s quite a long coach ride from Marrakech (especially when you’re 18 weeks pregnant and incredibly nauseous as it is) but it was well worth the bumps and rocky ride in the end. From getting up close and personal with monkeys to going to the loo in a soaking wet shack in the mountains, it was certainly an experience that I’ll never forget. There’s also a few stallsĀ selling gorgeous trinkets and treasures alongside the steps down to the waterfall and when you reach the bottom, you can catch a small boat over to the falls as well.

Cascades of Ouzoud

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are absolutely breathtaking and full of natural beauty. The views are incredible! Whether you’re hiking, going on a 4×4 tour or riding on camels, visiting the mountains is a peaceful experience and such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Our tour guide was very friendly and obviously a favourite with both tourists and the local community.

Marrakech Medina & Souks

Marrakech is probably most well-known for its Medina and souks. In the middle of it all, you’ll find yourself in a bustling hub of market stalls, shops and little passages linking them all together with the enchantment of bold, bright colours, traditional items and history at every turn. Haggling is the way things work so make sure you go in knowing what you might expect to pay for certain items so you don’t come away having been overcharged and prepare to be called over by shopkeepers as you pass by them.


Epices Ibno Baytar Pharmacy

When we visited Marrakech, we were offered a tour around the souks and stalls as one of our excursions. Towards the end of the tour, we were taken to an oldy-worldly pharmacy, tucked away amongst the streets and markets, with medicinal herbs, spices and oils adoring every inch of the walls in glass jars and bottles. After being greeted, were treated to a show-and-tell by the owners who wore long robes together with traditional laboratory coats and explained the benefits of their top-selling ointments and remedies. They also gave us some beautiful herbal tea to drink and passed around the products for us to smell and try. It was a really fun experience as the hosts were super friendly and down-to-earth.

Have you ever visited Marrakech? Which sights and attractions would you recommend to anybody looking to visit the region?


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