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Good afternoon creative souls,

I’m a little behind with my #BostikBloggers craft this month as I was away on my jollys in sunny Devon when my box of wonders arrived.

Nevertheless, we got there in the end and whilst Mike was hogging my laptop a few days ago, Lily and I headed in to her bedroom, emptied the goodies out all over her rug, popped open the glue and after lots of sticking and rearranging we happily hung this arty creation up on her wall…

Bostik Bloggers Weather Mobile

Bostik Bloggers Weather Mobile - Paper Plate

Bostik Bloggers Weather Mobile

Yes, we knocked up a pretty funky weather mobile! Not bad for a tired mama and a 1-year-old toddler is it? We were very proud of ourselves *strums imaginary braces*

So, how did we make it and what will you need to have a go yourselves?

– Supplies –

Bostik Bloggers Glue Stick

In our box this month we had this glue stick which has a wide end and a thin/pointy end for dispensing clear glue and was perfect for all of the fiddly sticky bits we used.

You can stick on whatever odds and ends you like for the finishing touches but here’s the low down as to what we had to hand…

Bostik Bloggers Craft Supplies

– Method –

(1) We started off by decorating the paper plate to make the top of our weather-inspired mobile. Lily decided that the yellow foam flower-shape was going to go on first and that the orange shape should go on top of it so I helped her to glue it all on.

She continued to pick everything up and plopped it down where she wanted it and I glued it on for her and I also added the foam clouds and lightning bolts at the bottom.

(2) I cut three circle shapes out of the navy blue glittery card and we stuck on the foam shapes which made a sunshine (with drawn-on smiley face), wind arrows and a snowflake. We cut out strips of yellow tissue paper, crinkled them up and then unfolded them again to make the sunshine’s rays and stuck these on to the bottom of the card with the Bostik glue as well.

(3) I trimmed the cotton string in to three unequal lengths – long, medium and short – and stuck each of the ends to the bottom of the paper plate and the other to one of the weather circles. I also used some of the remaining string to hang the mobile up on Lily’s nursery wall.

Bostik Bloggers - Weather Mobile on Lily's Nursery Wall

So there you have it!

A quick, easy craft to do with your toddlers with lots of room for their creativity to run wild.

Of course, I had to keep a close eye on Lily with some of the smaller buttons and embellishments to make sure they didn’t sneak in to her little mouth but that’s to be expected.

Have you done any crafts with your children recently?

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» I was gifted the craft items used in this post as part of the on-going Bostik Bloggers campaign «

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